We Were There When… Janie Lazar told us to Take The Time to Make The Time… on The Coffee at Eleven Show #CoffeewithColm

Magic happens in live entertainment when all involved walk away dying to tell someone, “We were there when…” This cannot happen every time but it occurs when a sprinkling of something touches performers, crew and audience alike. And it happened several times on The Coffee at Eleven Show.

One of our very favorite “We were there when…” moments happened when Janie Lazar, Founder of TEDx Dun Laoghaire, came to have a chat – on her birthday!

Her message, “…take the time to make the time, or … make the time to take the time.” got us all thinking about how busy we had been pre-COVID and what our collective slowing down through the various restriction phases in Ireland had taught us.

She got us thinking about how and where we might apply that one truly irreplaceable resource, ‘Time’, in future.

Whilst that was special in and of itself, what happened next blew us all away… take a few minutes to share this Birthday Special “We were there when…” moment in your preferred way…

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We Were There When… Janie Lazar told us to Take The Time to Make The Time… on her birthday!

Yours Truly: So, ladies and gentlemen, you are more than welcome, you’re very welcome to the Coffee at Eleven show, episode 65 of the Coffee at Eleven show, brought to you by WIG-WAM.ie SME Peer Support. Delighted to have you join us here this morning. It’s a Friday morning and I’d love to welcome to the cafe my friend and special guest Janie Lazar. Janie, please say, “Hello,” and show us a coffee cup or mug if you have one with you, please.

Janie Lazar: Hello and good morning. My little coffee mug, I don’t know how close that’s going to come. Up a little bit maybe. The Tortoise and the Hare. It’s very topical for me because I am a slow learner, a really slow learner. I think one of the things that I discovered is that, it’s the old thing, everything does happen for a reason, and you can’t really see why at the time.

Yours Truly: Lovely, Janie Lazar. Thank you for that, Eamonn. Thank you for that. Thank you for helping us with those images. Just gorgeous. We’re going to go to Q&A from the floor in just a second, Janie, if you don’t mind, because it’s been just a lovely conversation. Thank you for joining us this morning. Have you one tip? Have you one tip? And it’s not even about getting through COVID anymore because I’m sensing here in Ireland we’re almost through it. But what would you say to somebody out there? What would you say? “Look after yourself best by doing this blah,” whatever that blah might be for you.

Janie Lazar: Yeah, no hesitation at all, it’s whichever way you want to word it, but it’s take the time to make the time.

Yours Truly: Okay. Can you say that one more time?

Janie Lazar: Yeah. It’s take the time to make the time, or it could be make the time to take the time. It works either way, but it’s the one thing I keep coming back to, and I’m learning that now. As I say, COVID gave me the time that I needed. It was the kick up the bottom to get my own thoughts and life in order. It is first of all for yourself, but as importantly, for other people. For me, if there’s a knock at the cottage door, unless I’ve got a train to catch or a deadline, and I refuse ever to be late, or to let somebody down, I’ll always make the time because I may never get that chance again with that person. You don’t know what’s going on in people’s lives, where they’re at, and those moments are precious. Those moments are precious and make the time. Take the time to make the time. Make the time to take the time.

~ We went to Q&A from the floor with Princess Shelley aka Michelle Barry ~

Princess Shelley: Now, before I hand back to Colm, everybody, we’re talking about time and we were talking about the biggest gift that it’s someone you can get. And I always say that as well. We’ll always get more money and we’ll always get more clothes and everybody’s queuing up around all the shops that are reopening, but we’ll never ever get today back. And not only will we not get today back, today, everybody, is Janie’s anniversary of her arrival into the world, her birthday.

Princess Shelley: So, I have a little candle here that you’re going to blow out. It even smells lovely. No, I’m not sure if Colm or Eamon’s going to unmute you all. I’m going to sing with you. You can sing. I’ll know if you’re singing if you’re miming. So even if you remain muted, I’d like us all to sing a very Happy Birthday to Janie, and she’s going to blow out this candle and she’s going to make a wish. Okay? I’m in a choir, so I usually sing with a group. And if we don’t start too high up, we should be okay. Everybody, one, two, three.

(singing led by Princess Shelley and Donal Thurlow)
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Janie, happy birthday to you

Princess Shelley: Blow out the candle, Janie. Hip, hip, hooray. Happy birthday, Janie. And with that, I’m happy to hand you to [crosstalk 00:25:01].

Janie Lazar: Thank you. Princess Shelley, thank you. Thank you.

Christina O’Shaughnessy: It’s beautiful.

Janie Lazar: Oh dear, dear, dear. See, I couldn’t hold it, Bridget. I couldn’t hold it. They popped out again.

Watch the full interview here: https://youtu.be/oVlQExWMd64

Connect with Janiehere: https://www.facebook.com/janie.lazar

Come back next week for another installment of “We were there when…” from a guest who had Coffee with Colm on The Coffee at Eleven Show, brought to you by WIG-WAM – SME Peer Support


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