What’s your favourite flavour of suffering?

I had the privilege of attending the Pendulum Summit on Friday 8th January 2016 at Dublin’s Conference Centre with old friends and new, colleagues, clients and prospective clients, along with 3,500 other souls bent on hearing a master at work. Tony Robbins was the Keynote speaker and it was Tony’s first time in Ireland. It truly was a pleasure to be present.

I took a handful of key messages from Tony’s five-hour masterclass and I’d like to share them with you in the coming days. I’ll start with the one that resonated most deeply with me: Too many of us suffer needlessly. We obsess over what we don’t have, rather than being grateful for what we have.

To suffer is to assume one of three things in relation to your situation

Loss – I will lose out

Less – I will have less

Never – I will never have

Tony suggests we stop obsessing about loss, less or never! That we let negative thoughts pass by. When a negative thought enters our consciousness we should acknowledge it, say, “That’s an interesting thought”, smile at it and shoo it on its way. And he suggests that suffering because of future events is madness altogether

He proposes there are only two states – either suffering states or beautiful states – that’s it! And we get to choose which state we live in. But it takes us to exercise control of our brain.

Tony Robbins went on to suggest that no amount of money or fame will make you happy (take Robin Williams as a tragic example) and to be depressed* you need to be selfish, as in you need to be obsessing about yourself, eyes on you and what’s missing rather than on others and what you can offer.

*I trust those reading the piece understand that neither I nor (I must assume) Tony are making light of what we know can be a very serious illness – an illness that sometimes needs treatment but are in fact referring to those low times we all experience where we, by focusing externally, most of us can shift our focus, look outward and move forward.

He then suggested you have every right to suffer but life is too short and in the end he offered 3 things that end suffering:

Appreciate & Enjoy (what you have)

Learn or Grow (from and through the experience [sometimes I win and sometimes I learn – from Feeding Johnny – I wonder has he read it yet? 🙂 ])

Love, Give & Be Grateful (for what and who you have in your life. Give to others first)

So, what is your favourite flavour of suffering? I for one, choose beautiful states over suffering states today. What about you?

Yours truly

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