Are you grateful?

Tony Robbins once said “When you’re Grateful you can’t be angry or afraid.” That’s interesting isn’t it? And true, if we pause to consider it. Trouble is too many of us too often, yours truly included, forget to be grateful in the ever consuming drive towards more, bigger, better.

How many of us focus primarily on the past?

How many of focus primarily on the future?

How many of us focus primarily on the present?

Tony also suggested that obsessing about, and in particular being fearful of, what might happen in the future is a form of madness, yet I found myself admitting to myself with my arm raised high that I spend more time living in a future that is yet to be created than I do living in the here and now.

I admit I am not afraid of the future, rather I am excited and motivated about what the life I am working to create looks like, but if I am honest with myself that type of thinking can lead to a disposition of “I’ll be happy when…” What about being happy now, Colm? What about being grateful for what you have in your life right now Colm?

I remembered during the masterclass that I had attended Tony Robbins’ 3-day Unleash the Power Within event in London in 2006 – including his crazy Firewalk! Our Bewley’s Café franchise had failed between 2002 and 2005 – a slow, painful death, – and our School Lunch Business, was in its infancy, so it wasn’t the best period in my life, so it was important for me at that time, that I attempt to get some perspective and outside positive influence. I needed it badly.

I am happy to say that I sat (stood and clapped and jumped up and down too) in the Convention Centre on Friday 8th January 2016 and realised I AM grateful, very grateful for the changes that have been wrought in the past decade. I am also grateful for the things that have remained constant – my wife, Aideen and my three children, Shona, Steven and Jenna are still with me, although the eldest two, Shona and Steven, have moved out (happy days!) and we still have fun together. They still come back on Christmas Eve and sleep over so we have Christmas day together all five of us. I am grateful that they want to.

I remembered that ten years ago in London, coming from a low place, I had hoped I could create the life I am enjoying today, yet ten years on I find myself still looking to the future and working to make it bigger, better, brighter. Tony reminds me to be grateful, give thanks, smile, breathe…and when I am ready, and only when I am ready, move forward again.

So perhaps you might consider doing the same? May I recommend you sit quietly, close your eyes for a few minutes and give thanks for the good stuff in your life right now?

Yours truly

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