The Christmas Top 5 “Coffee with Colm” posts … and at No. 5 we have ‘Yours Truly’s interview with David O’Shea of nTrai’

I can’t believe it is that time of year again!

Yes folks, Christmas is upon us, 2018 is coming to close for better or for worse for us all, and it is time to begin to consider 2019.

As a reflection on the year, for the next 5 weeks to New Year’s, I am re-posting the Top 5 “Coffee with Colm” articles in order of ascending popularity. I hope you enjoy them one more time.

My best to you as you conclude your year and plan next. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

… and at No. 5, from July, we have…

Interview with

Featuring an exciting young Limerick early start business in this week’s “Coffee with Colm”

Shortly after I launched Colm O’Brien Motivation in 2016, on the back of the successful publication of my first book, Feeding Johnny – How to Build a Business Despite the Roadblocks I came up with the idea for “Coffee with Colm”. Back then them working title I used for the project was “The Savoy Tapes” as I envisaged I would sit opposite someone, over coffee, interview them, learn from them and post the interview out there on the www…

For myriad reasons, including lack of funds, equipment, and time, I decided to start anyway but go it alone, cutting my teeth writing and recording pieces that had resonance with me and posting those out on the www – this ‘thinking out loud’ pracctice has become almost religious in it;s constancy with a fresh offering being posted every Sunday morning to an ever-increasing audience for which I am truly grateful.

Everything was (and is) going swimmingly and very recently some young entrepreneurs came across my path – having found me through my weekly musings – and the original idea for The Savoy Tapes was resurrected – face to face interviews. Here is the first one. I hope you enjoy reading watching listening to it as much as I did conducting it. Please enjoy.

If I may, I recommend you watch the video or listen to the podcast, (both 13 mins teaching) otherwise a synopsis of the interview is provided below for you to enjoy.

Interviewee: David O’Shea


  •  Colm “Who are you; what is the business?”

My name is David O’Shea; our business is – a live-stream and video production company, based in Limerick and we do a lot of work with the likes of Athletics Ireland, Swim Ireland, Hockey Ireland, etc.

  • Colm. “What does your business do?”

We cover a lot of sporting events and live-stream up to our client organization’s Facebook page, YouTube channel so their fans and viewers can interact with the content, be it a match or athletics event. We’ve also started moving into Corporate events where for example there might be a conference on yet some guests can’t make it for whatever reason, so a private link can be sent to these people so they can effectively attend even if they are on the move, say on a train, and still engage with it.

  •  Colm. “What does nTrai stand for?”

nTrai stands for Now Take Reality And Imagine and inside in our business we have identified a four-step that we apply to any project we are involved with; these same steps can be applied by others to almost anything. They are:

  1. Now Take Reality And Imagine. If you want to change something, get fitter, create wealth, make more sales, etc, you must take reality and imagine a different future. You set your goal. We want to avoid the i that is insanity – a definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This change requires innovation which leads us to step 2…
  2. Now Take Reality And Innovate. Your goal is set, something must change, decide what those changes are and move to step 3…
  3. Now Take Reality And Implemement. This is the action part – by implementing the correct changes, you now have ended up with your new reality, you have ended up achieving your goal and that is when we ask people to take step 4…
  4. Now Take Reality And Inspire. You’ve used the process to make changes and create a new reality for yourself and/or your organization, we recommend people and organizations share that success to inspire others on their journeys. Indeed the successful achievement of your own goal having done it well, should inspire you to move on to the next project and repeat it for another one or simply to improve the existing project the next year, etc.
  •   Colm. “nTrai obviously walks the talk.”

Yep. A number of our clients in the sporting world for example have the same event running year after year, so we’d sit down at the planning stage of the next year’s event and ask how can we improve? what did we do last year? how many viewers did it get? how can we promote it better? etc – make changes through that process.

  • Colm. “How long established?”

Since 2013. But it wasn’t always a live-streaming and video production company – we in fact started off in crowd funding space, we set up a site to help Irish athletes raise funds but it didn’t go well, we weren’t making money so we ‘pivoted’ our business into what it is today.

We continue to support some of the athletes we were working with through some sponsorship, video production etc which helps them in their sponsorship efforts but the business is very different except for the fact we are still in the sporting world.

  •   Colm. “Fair play to you for pivoting.”

If we were to do it again, I’d have done it quicker; it took about two years before I fully accepted it wasn’t going to work. I was working in my family business (Penn O’Shea) so I was doing ok and still flogging this dead horse but then it came to crunch time and we had to actually change, so we did.

It’s working. We’re not the next Facebook, but it’s working. 

  • Colm. “Highlights in that time?”

There have been a number. In 2015 we had our first video go viral. There was a 4 x 400m relay race as part of the Irish Universities Athletics Association. It was the last race of the day, everyone was getting tired including the athletes and UCC got the baton in 5th position so we all thought, ‘they’re out’ and focused our attention on the front runners, UCD I think going very well, but there was a girl called Phil Healy (?) who has since become the national record holder over 100m and is currently the quickest over 400m – Phil got the baton and made up 80 metres. Phenomenal race – we got 4 million views on our own YouTube channel, it was picked up by ABC in the States and got over 50 million views globally!

Facebook had just made some changes that week whereby you could have a ‘production’ live – before that you could just go live off your phone, but that week they had introduced changes that allowed anyone use multiple cameras etc – we were the first in Ireland to do it! Another highlight, the stars aligned.

  •  Colm. “What’s been your most embarrassing moment?”

Again there have been several – lots went wrong in the crowd funding piece but the funniest or most embarrassing moment since we got into video stuff, we were doing an event – not going to say where because I’m not sure if the organizers know about it yet – and we had everything set up, cameras were rolling, commentators, commentating, and we were looking at the different images coming in and we were delighted, looked great. Just starting to relax after the initial three minutes of the live-stream going out so I went to Facebook to see what comments were coming in and to make sure everyone was happy with what hey were seeing, and then the comments began to flood in – “Where’s the sound?” I was after muting one of the cameras in the software – the commentator talking away, no-one could hear him. We thought he was doing great – just nobody could hear him! Four minutes of pure silence! great action on the track, just no sound! Now it was a six-hour event so we were ok in the end.

  •  Colm. “My life and business changed when I met a ‘Man on the Train’ have you a ‘Man on the Train’ moment?”

I do. I really enjoyed your Man on the Train story in your book and I’ve heard you tell it live. The best Man on the Train story from nTrai’s perspective was when we got our first live-streaming gig with Athletics Ireland – we had been doing a lot of small videos for them and one day we got a call to say the ‘streaming’ company they were working with was leaving Ireland altogether and they were stuck and were wondering how quickly we could make, edit and turnaround videos for their schools championship which was happening that coming weekend – this being Wednesday! I told them we could do them quick enough but then told them we could in fact live-stream too. Our contact was blown away and obviously very grateful given the short notice. That was our first and we have just completed live-streaming our fourth schools championships with Athletics Ireland, with likely more to come. We were very nervous as you can imagine but we did it and there is no looking back.

  • Colm. “What next for you and your business, your 2020 Vision?”

We are very excited for the future of nTrai – we expect we will continue to work with our existing clients and expand that business. We have identified a fact every event of any type has an audience online that would watch and interact if they had the opportunity, so the inhibiting factor to date has been cost. Pre-internet this was the prevail of TV companies who only came on board if an event had a few hundred thousand to multiple millions of viewers potentially but with some of our events you might be looking at viewership as small as 1,000 to maybe 100,000 but they would like to live-stream it, so we are saying if somebody wants to stream it, cost should not be the issue, so we want to attract more and more events, in sports, with existing and new clients and now into the corporate and academic worlds for conferences and the like.

We are so looking forwarded to the future of nTrai.

  • Colm. David, so am I. Thank you and Owen and all at nTrai for being brave enough to feature in my inaugural “Coffee with Colm” interview. I am sure all our readers, viewers and listeners join me in wishing you all the very best for the future.

Folks, contact David and Owen at

Thanks for thinking with me.

Yours truly.


“How can I help?”

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