What is the Sounding Board?

The Sounding Board is, well, a … Sounding Board.

Colm O’Brien is a Seasoned Businessman, SME Business Owner, Author and Professional Speaker and once he realized the need, he conceived of and founded The Sounding Board to help other SMEs.
The idea is simple really, a skilled and experienced set of ears to help the Business Owner scale her or his SME.

Who comprises The Sounding Board? 

Colm  O’Brien is The Sounding Board,

yet at times he may involve a trusted colleague to brainstorm a particular issue.

Who is Colm O’Brien?

With four decades experience, half in the Corporate World, half Building Businesses, Colm is Founder and MD of Carambola – a €9.5m revenue, 150 employees, nationwide business he has built from scratch, consequently Colm has significant experience in areas such as:

  • Sales – Would you like to CONVERT more of your sales pipeline?
  • Marketing – Do enough PEOPLE KNOW YOU exist? Want help telling more?
  • Branding – What does your BRAND DNA say? Does it need attention?
  • HR – Would you like to take the mystery out of HIRING THE RIGHT PEOPLE?
  • Finance – Is your business CASH-STRAPPED? Like to explore options?
  • Banking – Want to learn more about NON-TRADITIONAL FUNDING?
  • Team Building – Need help getting YOUR TEAM ON THE SAME PAGE?
  • Operations – Need help providing your PRODUCT/SERVICE PROFITABLY?
  • Profitability – Turnover is Vanity, PROFIT is Sanity; want more?
  • Scalability – What if you could DOUBLE your business in 3 years?
  • Systems Development – Need help delivering CONSISTENCY?
  • Customer Care – Like to learn how to REDUCE CLIENT ‘CHURN’? 
  • IT – is your business FUTURE-PROOF?

How much will I invest?

Fancy a “Coffee with Colm”? Book a FREE 30-minute call with Colm using this LINK or fill out the form below and you’re off and running.

  1. The initial phone consultation is FREE with Colm so you can get a feel for each other, to see are you likely compatible. Book a FREE 30-minute call with Colm using this LINK

  2. Thereafter an initial face to face (or skype) meeting can be booked which will last approx 45 to 60 minutes after which, experience tells us, you will leave lighter within yourself, with a broad strokes road-map towards solving your problem which you can begin to implement immediately. Investment: €97 payable in advance (which will be offset against any further work should that be the desired outcome).
  3. Following on from that, you may want Colm, in his Sounding Board capacity, to work alongside you to resolve your issue or guide your steps, and if we decide to work together, the fee structure is both unique and fair – it starts at €1,200* for his 90 day intensive ‘Espresso’ program payable in advance in 3 x equal monthly installments.

Fancy a “Coffee with Colm”? Book a FREE 30-minute call with Colm using this LINK or fill out the form below and you’re off and running.

*terms and conditions apply. Initial contract term is for a 3 month term,  Jan through Mar, Apr through Jun, Sep through Nov, but can be extended by agreement between the parties should the client wish – fees negotiable beyond the first three months.

What to do next?

Book a FREE 30-minute call with Colm using this LINK.

And using the form below including the optional drop-down menu, choose the area of your business journey that is most problematic for you just now and pop us some bare bones detail.

At the appointed time, call Colm on +353 87 2836215. He’ll be expecting you.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Where did the idea come from?

Colm O’Brien came up with the idea for The Sounding Board when working with a prospective client who asked him, “What exactly do you do?”

He replied, “I’m like your sounding board – you are building your business, you use me as an experienced set of eyes and ears to bounce ideas off so you can test them and then implement them, or not, as the case may be.

I won’t spout text-book theory, but in fact will use my decades of business building experience to offer suggestions along the lines, ‘Based on my understanding of what you told me, if I were you, I would probably do x, y or z.’

“Good response.” she said and hired me!

We’ve been working together ever since.

Fancy a “Coffee with Colm”?

Fill out the form above and I’ll be in touch.


  • I read Colm’s book and it spoke to me unexpectedly. I knew my life was out of sync, but I didn’t know why. I was working very hard but all I seemed to be doing after years of effort was treading water. So I met Colm for a coffee. Now I have a plan. I know what the Life I Really Want Looks like. I have been honest with myself as to where my life and my business were when I started the process. I am happy, energised and on track.


  • My life was too busy. I had no time for me. Colm O’Brien had me stop and think and ask myself how I wanted my life to look. I did. I am now happier and more focused. I really believe I am on track to create the life I really want.


  • I was struggling with my decision to remain a second generation part of a family business that was bumping along the bottom for decades. I met Colm O’Brien and began to get clearer on the Life I really wanted for me and my wife and so gained the courage to make a change.
    It wasn’t easy. It hasn’t been comfortable, but it was the right decision.
    I am happier and more enthusiastic about my life
    than I have been for years


  • I finished Colm O’Brien’s book ‘Feeding Johnny’ in 7 days! That might not sound like an achievement to most of you but coming from the girl who is still reading the same fiction novel I started five months ago – that is an achievement. I just loved it. It’s a great read. Honest. Insightful. Inspiring. I got a great kick out of it and it ignited in me an enthusiasm for business that I wasn’t sure still existed. Then I met Colm for coffee and I really began to get clear on where my life is, and more importantly where it can be. I have regained the clarity I had misplaced, am back on track and I am grateful