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Hi there. My name is Colm OBrien and I am delighted you are
interested in this one day seminar for SME Business Owners and Professional Senior Managers in the Mid West, called


A plane cannot take off unless it reaches a critical velocity, known as V2.

A plane that does not reach that speed is earthbound forever.

Your business cannot TAKE-OFF unless it also reaches a critical point; the question is, are

you ready for TAKE-OFF, or are you happy bumping along the runway ad infinitum?

Colm O’Brien’s Business, Carambola Kidz took off. Growing from; 27 lunches in 2003 to

23,000 per day in 2016, from employing just him to now over 100 employees, from €0 to

€6.5m in annual sales.

Would you like him to show you how he did it?

Take-Off is a one day workshop designed to offer you clear strategies and steps so you can create the business you want and deserve.


This programme is the result of the lessons I learned and the subsequent success I have enjoyed in my business following the spectacular failure of my first business. During that dark time, I learned and employed key steps and strategies to create the business I really wanted all along.

People that have learned and implemented my strategies are now enjoying much more success in their own businesses.

Friday 20th May 

Thomond Park is for you

Whether you are an SME Business Owner or Senior Manager in an organisation – you can learn from my experience how to create significant positive changes in your business or career.  I will teach you the key elements I used that can help you too create  remarkable change in how you are succeeding in your professional life.


If you feel: 

  • There is too much month at the end of the money?
  • Fed up working 24/7 and still getting nowhere?
  • Afraid of failing and it all crumbling around your feet?

Then meet your brother –
and this one day workshop is for you.

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Based on my career path as a former senior corporate manager with Bewley’s Cafes, owner of a failed business and the subsequent founder of a multi-million euro successful business, on May 20th I will teach you:


  • How to create a vision of success for your business that is tangible and achievable
  • Why time management may not have worked for you in the past and, more importantly, what to replace it with for the success you desire.
  • How to network more effectively and naturally to find even more support so you can get better results faster.

So, why listen to me?
Because I was that soldier.

I spent many years feeling stuck and miserable, went through the stress of a failed business and subsequently have grown a very successful multi-million euro business despite the roadblocks. 

But for me to help you, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Are you happy with the state of your business in 2016?
  2. Are you happy with the amount of profit in your business given all your hard work?
  3. Do you feel completely energised and clear on what to do next to take your business to the next level so you can enjoy the benefits without consistently trading your personal time – to have your business TAKE-OFF?
  4. When you wake in the morning are you excited about your business knowing it is on the right track for success, to survive and thrive?

If you answer no to any of these questions come along to Thomond Park on May 20th 

My promise to you

I promise you will leave with:

  • Absolute clarity around a vision of success for your business that is both tangible and achievable
  • A specific system to plot your calendar so that your work habits are kept in line with your vision
  • A Unique process to build your aligned Network so that you can achieve your vision quicker and with less stress
  • A structured set of measurable actions steps that you can take immediately

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Some of you may be thinking:

“I’d love to but I just don’t have the time.”

If you are too busy working IN your business to take one day out to learn how to work ON your business, perhaps you are missing the point here? This day is a MUST for you.

“I’d love to, but I can’t afford it.”

I understand that for all of us at times funds are tight. To attend you will invest €150 (discounted for tables of 6) – around the same you might spend attending a wedding, or for a dinner for two. A little like the time issue above – it’s not the time (or in this case the money) but what you choose to invest it in is where your decision lies.

“I’m not sure if it’s for me”

If your business employs fewer than 75 people,  I believe you will benefit for sure. What if you learn one thing that makes a massive difference? It mightn’t even be from me – you might meet another attendee who drops a pearl of wisdom into your life.

Where? When? What time? How Much?

  • Where? Thomond Suite, Thomond Park Stadium
  • When? Friday 20th May 2016 (finish the week on a high)
  • What time? 10am sharp until 5pm (refreshments and light lunch included)
  • How much? We have two ticket types:
    • Full Table – 6 people – €750. Ideal for the B2B business to treat 5 clients/prospects – a quality day out with superb business teaching for you and your preferred clients or key prospects – essentially one seat, yours, is FREE
    • Single Seat Ticket €150. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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  • My life was too busy. I had no time for me. Colm O’Brien had me stop and think and ask myself how I wanted my life to look. I did. I am now happier and more focused. I really believe I am on track to create the life I really want.


  • I was struggling with my decision to remain a second generation part of a family business that was bumping along the bottom for decades. I met Colm O’Brien and began to get clearer on the Life I really wanted for me and my wife and so gained the courage to make a change.
    It wasn’t easy. It hasn’t been comfortable, but it was the right decision.
    I am happier and more enthusiastic about my life
    than I have been for years


  • I read Colm’s book and it spoke to me unexpectedly. I knew my life was out of sync, but I didn’t know why. I was working very hard but all I seemed to be doing after years of effort was treading water. So I met Colm for a coffee. Now I have a plan. I know what the Life I Really Want Looks like. I have been honest with myself as to where my life and my business were when I started the process. I am happy, energised and on track.


  • I finished Colm O’Brien’s book ‘Feeding Johnny’ in 7 days! That might not sound like an achievement to most of you but coming from the girl who is still reading the same fiction novel I started five months ago – that is an achievement. I just loved it. It’s a great read. Honest. Insightful. Inspiring. I got a great kick out of it and it ignited in me an enthusiasm for business that I wasn’t sure still existed. Then I met Colm for coffee and I really began to get clear on where my life is, and more importantly where it can be. I have regained the clarity I had misplaced, am back on track and I am grateful


  • My life was too busy. I had no time for me. Colm O’Brien had me stop and think and ask myself how I wanted my life to look. I did. I am now happier and more focused. I really believe I am on track to create the life I really want.

    Maria Nagle