What if, at the end of each day, life asked you “Are you sure you want to save the changes?” I explore your three options in this week’s #CoffeewithColm Episode 184

My dear friend Vera Atkinson posted a comment against a recent #CoffeewithColm Blog asking, “What if, at the end of each day, life asked you “Are you sure you want to save the changes?”

I was blown away by the simple yet profound wisdom in it.

“What if, at the end of each day, life asked you “Are you sure you want to save the changes?” Brilliant question.

We all know the frustration of working on a project for hours and then *CRASH* the computer dies and those hours given to work are irretrievably lost forever – many of use use auto-save functions to guard against losing everything, effectively insuring the risk by minimizing it to a more livable with time frame like fifteen minutes. That, we can cope with. Losing a day (or an entire project!)? Disaster!

Upon finishing our ‘work’ for the day, Microsoft Word ask “Would you like to save your changes to Document XYZ?”

It goes on to say ‘If you click “Don’t Save”, a recent copy of this file will be temporarily available’

Then the crafty computer offers you:

  1. Save
  2. Don’t Save
  3. Cancel

and forces you to choose one option by not allowing you progress until you do. Clever computer.

That’s your work.

But what about your life? What about You?

What if, as Vera proposes, at the end of the day as you brush the gnashers, life posted a question on the bathroom mirror,

“Are you sure you want to save the changes?”


To find out your options, watch the 5-minute video, listen to the 5-minute podcast or read on below…

That’d pretty much focus you, wouldn’t it?

  • What did I do today?
  • Did I get better?
  • Did I slip back?
  • Did I waste the only truly irreplaceable resource, my time?
  • Did I contribute to the world in thanksgiving for my miraculous existence or was I a leech?
  • Did I add to others’ happiness or suck some people dry?
  • Did I light up the rooms I was in today when I entered… or as I left?
  • Did I move towards a bigger brighter future or did I wallow in self-pity with a ‘the world owes me’ attitude.

The world owes you sweet FA.

The miracle was your birth. Service is the rent you pay. On that basis, are you in debt to life?

So, today you have a chance to step forward, slip backwards or stand still. Sometimes standing still is in fact slipping backwards, sometimes standing still is a momentous achievement and as such, huge progress; the difference lies in what you are facing, what you are dealing with.

I applaud all forms of forward momentum, all attempts at service, even if that is simply holding on for now.

So, as Vera asked me, I am now asking you, tonight as you prepare to ‘nigh na fiacla bán sa bhéal istigh’ (wash the white teeth inside your mouth) “Are you sure you would like to save the changes?” What’s your answer going to be?

Your options:

  1. Choose ‘Save’ if you made progress.
  2. Choose ‘Don’t Save’ if you slipped back
  3. Choose ‘Cancel’ if you promise to do better tomorrow.

Feel free to comment at the bottom (no explanation needed) simply comment Save, Don’t Save, Cancel

Sleep well tonight.

Thank you dearest Vera for your ongoing support and for the inspiration for this week’s #CoffeewithColm

And thank you, dear reader for thinking with me.

Yours truly,


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