How to Achieve Breakthrough in Any Area of Your Life Using 1 Simple Technique – Coffee with Colm Episode 202

My battery died. Car battery that is. Problem was I was in the car at the time…

I have found myself using ZOOM video meetings recently and love them – great way to connect colleagues who operate in different locations without incurring the time expense associated with travel – to me video conferencing is 8/10 effective compared to face to face.

Anyway, there I am in a parking space at the side of the road, my phone plugged into the car, the key in the on position without the engine running, and it turns out the phone battery survived the hour long meeting with eight other colleagues but we drained the car! Bummer.

What to do?

I realized I could either find someone with jump leads or a couple of guys to help me push. Either option required that I move the car back from the vehicle in front – luckily there were a few car spaces behind me.

I tried to push it backwards. Nothing! Then I remembered the rocking principle, ie if you can get some form of momentum going things get easier. So rock I did, back and forward, back and forward one inch, then two, then six, then 12… and so on and finally I had momentum enough to keep the car going backwards for a decent distance. There is power in rocking back and forward.

Reminded me of the two times I jumped out of perfectly good airplanes (by choice!) with a tandem parachute instructor strapped to my back. We used the same principle.

To find out what happened and the lessons we can take from the ‘rocking principle’, watch the video, listen to the podcast, or read on below…

Imagine the scene. Two miles (3km) above the earth, fluffy white clouds floating past as we open the door of the plane and bum over to the edge. (is your tummy doing flips just thinking about it?) Instructor strapped to my back, parachute strapped to his…

Next thing we are sitting on the side, feet dangling in space (consider doing this on the edge of your kitchen table for effect). What happens next is you fold your arms in an X across your chest, each hand pointed to it’s opposite shoulder, you look up towards the ceiling (or Heaven!), wondering what the heck were you thinking when you agreed to this madness regardless of how much you are raining for charity, and with your head firmly tilted back, you start rocking back and forward, one inch, two inches, six, faaaaaaalllllllll……. reaching terminal velocity (I always hated that term!) in about 12 seconds. Yep, from zero to 120mph (193kmh) in 12 seconds flat and in that time you have already used up 1500 feet (450m) of your 10,000 feet to earth…

So why am I telling you this?

Perhaps there is some area of your life where you find yourself constantly on the back foot, struggling to make forward progress? It may be in your finances, or your health or with your weight, or time management, or your business or a sticky relationship. It may be you struggle to break the habit of procrastination and have just come through yet another day (or week or month) where, despite your promises to yourself, and regardless of how much you give out to yourself, you have made exactly zero progress. Perhaps this is because you are trying to do too much too fast and the task becomes simply too heavy. My car didn’t way any more when I failed to budge it, nor did it weigh any less when I managed to get it to where I needed it to be. (I think the rocking back and forward as you exit a plane is to give you the best opportunity of exiting head instead of ass first!)

So maybe today, or in this coming week, rather than trying to get to 120mph from a standing start, simply rock forward onto the front foot in your area of difficulty, then allow yourself permission to rock back again, rock forward again, and back; 1 inch, 2, inches, 3, 6, 12… momentum!

Worth a shot?

I think so.

Oh,  by the way, a friendly tradesman came to my rescue with jump leads for my car – he had the same problem 24 hours earlier and had been helped out of a jam by a stranger #payitforward


Thanks for thinking with me.

Yours truly.


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