In Pursuit Of Happiness. Happiness is derived from Contribution (or the link between Contribution and Self-Care)This week’s “Coffee with Colm”​

I was talking with a few friends about this recently and it is becoming more obvious to me all the time that we just aren’t taking care of ourselves.

Victor Frankl, the Holocaust Survivor and author of ‘Man’s Search for Meaning‘, said, “We detect, rather than invent, our missions in life.” and I love that and I also feel for me at this time it’s true. I unintentionally started this writing/blogging/recording journey back in 2013 when I penned ‘Feeding Johnny – How to Build a Business Despite the Roadblocks‘. The book, which chronicled my own professional and personal journey up to that point, started as a ‘bucket list’ thing – always imagined I would write one – but has led me on an incredible (and somewhat challenging journey) of personal introspection and reflection, which I have chosen to ‘think out loud’ about across various social platforms on the basis that if I share a thought which has been helpful to me, it may also help some other searching soul.

More and more I sense my writing and musings are falling under the umbrella of self-care and if Victor Frankl’s words hold true for me, perhaps this is and avenue I need to explore more fully. POYOOMF is the start of that journey.

POYOOMF – my acronym for Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First comes from the aircraft instruction we are all familiar with when the safety demonstrations are taking place and it refers to the fact that unless you do so, you run the risk of running out of oxygen and being of no use to yourself or others in the case of emergency – in fact when I was talking with a friend during the week about this she admitted to thinking it was the most selfish statement ever when her kids were younger until she realized the absolute rock-solid sense in it.

We cannot give out more than we have.

Another friend has just gone on a break having completely depleting her reserves as she helped open a restaurant over the past few months – she has been running on fumes for far too long and it is not healthy.

To find out more, watch the seven-minute video, listen to the seven-minute podcast, or read on below…

If you do not take care of yourself you are of no use to either yourself or those around you in life, not just aircraft emergency situations. Indeed I was talking at an Education Conference recently and heard a fellow speaker say, “Self-care is not Selfish-care.”

Over the next four weeks I am going to explore the topic as it relates to you under the Four Pillars of Self-Care;

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships
  4. Spirit

When it’s all boiled down people just want to be happy – happiness is a derivative of contribution; interestingly, contribution an extension of self-care so it all starts with you.

Imagine you are driving along and you get a flat tire – you pull over and fix it don’t you? Well is one of your Four Pillars of Self-care damaged currently? One? or more?? Perhaps one has been shattered? The great news is it can be rebuilt and can be stronger than before.

Each week for the next four I am going to take a consecutive deep-dive into the concepts that affect your happiness around your health, your wealth, your relationships and your spirit and give you some tools to help you improve and strengthen each pillar. Sound good?

Each week we will be exploring the topic by first explaining it and then exploring it through two perspectives:

  • Big Rocks
  • The One Thing

The Big Rocks Theory, as presented by Stephen R Covey has us figure out what is most important in our lives and then gives us tools to make sure we focus on our Big Rocks first.

The One Thing concept simply asks ‘What one thing can you do, now, that would have the biggest impact on the object of your attention.

Simple, yet effective.

So what is the Big Rock takeaway from this week’s “Coffee with Colm?” You must Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First – always – POYOOMF always!

And the One Thing? What is the One Thing that will have the biggest impact in the coming week? The most important thing you can do for you is to come back next week for another “Coffee with Colm” when we will explore together the first Pillar of Self-care – Your Health.


Thank you for thinking with me, I wish you well

Ps. More on the Big Rocks Theory? Click here.

Yours truly,


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