From Selling Eggs off a Company Pushbike to Owning a Multi-million Euro Continuous Power Business – Padraig Smith on The Coffee at Eleven Show S2, Ep1

Padraig Smith’s first company vehicle was a pushbike with a wooden pallet strapped to the back from which he sold farm-fresh eggs for IR£1 per dozen at 10% commission when he was in school.
Roll on a handful of years and he is owner and Managing Director of a €multi-million business in the continuous energy space.
Padraig graced the Coffee at Eleven Show zoom café with his presence and regaled the live audience with story after story showcasing the human side of business.
He finished by telling us what he is taking with him from Covid.

Folks, I invite you to stick on the kettle, grab a coffee and listen to this very human story of building a business.

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Yours Truly: You’re more than welcome to “The Coffee at 11 Show” brought to you by WIG-WAM Business Coaching. Delighted to have you all here and delighted in particular to welcome our very special guest this morning, Mr. Padraig Smith. Padraig would you please pop in, say hello, and show us your coffee mug?

Padraig Smith: Good morning, everybody. Delighted to be here.

Yours Truly: Wonderful. Is that a “Daddy”? It is. I love it. I love it.

Padraig Smith: It is. Yeah.

Yours Truly: Daddy to four beautiful girls.

Padraig Smith: That’s right.

Yours Truly: We’ll hear all about that in a little while. Before we bring Padraig in to tell the story in his own words, let me tell you a little bit about Padraig. Padraig is owner and managing director of a business called PSE Power. PSE Power delivers industry-leading power production solutions underpinned by service excellence throughout the island of Ireland and have also completed projects in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. How long established? Established in 1985, so 30 years. 36 years next February. Go you. 32 employees. That’s no mean feat Padraig. Well done. Well done, you. Good stuff. And it goes on to say a native of Newcastle West in County Limerick, Padraig is owner and managing director of PSE Power, obviously. Having joined the business after the Leaving Cert in 1990… You’re showing your age there. Of course, they did the Leaving Cert very young back in those days, didn’t they, Padraig? Yeah.

Took the Leaving Cert in 1990, worked in most aspects of the business, and took over as MD in 2006. I really love that. 16 years from zero to top dog. Involved in the local credit union for over five years, currently in the role of board oversight. And he’s interested in walking, cycling, reading, and international travel, except for this year. And he’s also husband to Loraine, and most importantly, or equally as importantly, father to four gorgeous daughters, Rebecca, Emily, Olivia, and Laura. And something I certainly didn’t know about Padraig, he was able to speak fluent Irish before he even got into secondary school, having spent a year in Ring College between sixth class primary and first class secondary. Padraig Smith, great pleasure to have you here.

So, we’re going to go to Q and A from the floor in a little while, to apparently some people’s favorite part of the show. No idea what that’s about, but Princess Shelly will come in begrudgingly and take the limelight. Before we allow her in to do that, Padraig Smith, what are you taking with you from COVID? What are you not letting go?

Padraig Smith: I’m not letting go of the mantra that I would have always had, which would have been bred into us even at home in the younger days. It’s just to never give up and never ever give up. Another positive that I’m taking from COVID is we commenced the Lean Transformation Program at PSE. We had actually intended starting it in March, but it didn’t happen. In a strange way, I’m glad it didn’t because I’m not sure I’d have given it the commitment that I’m giving it now because I would have still continued traveling. I was in Dublin two days every week. I was somewhere else another day. Whereas I’m here now and I’m giving it the commitment. The team are slowly being introduced to it here. Everybody is buying into it so far.

And I see that as a huge opportunity for just making PSE a better place. Not just a better place to work, but a better way of doing things. And I think that the shock of COVID has probably allowed everybody, even people that are slow to change… Nobody had a choice but to change back in earlier this year, and I think the timing is right for it. And I’m looking forward to it. And I think Lean is going to assist PSE better because of COVID than if COVID hadn’t happened, if that makes sense.

Makes 100% sense. 100% sense. A lot of companies, a lot of friends of mine have businesses. I speak to a lot of people about business, obviously, and many, many, many businesses have tried stuff, or perhaps have been forced to do stuff, or even have been allowed to do stuff that they always thought they might want to do, and COVID has given them the opportunity. And, of course, if it doesn’t quite work out the way they think it might, they can always blame COVID and say, “We were only messing. Let’s go back to the way things were”. But, I don’t believe a lot of businesses will go back to the way things were. I know I certainly won’t work in the same way ever again. I have no interest in barreling up and down the highways and byways of Ireland to have meetings when this is a perfectly excellent way of working. Padraig Smith, a pleasure. Sorry, you were going to say.

Padraig Smith: Other things on that note as well, Colm, other things that we’ve mentioned here over the years that we really should be working towards, as in remote monitoring of our equipment to keep our… We can still provide the same level of service to the customer without sending a guy in a van. And that’s something we’ve thought about, but now we’re actually looking at doing it. Sorry. Now, we’re going to do it. We’re just looking at how we do it. And just other things that we would have been so slow to do, and because of COVID we’re actually doing it. So, we definitely won’t be going back to how we were. But, it will be a better way.

Yours Truly: Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.


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