From Running Disco Buses in The Gaeltacht to Potentially Disrupting an Entire Global Industry – Meet Martin O’Regan on The Coffee at Eleven Show S2, Ep2

Poor Martin O’Regan’s Mother thought he must be up to something nefarious when he was handing her large sums of cash to ‘mind’ during his teen years. Of course he wasn’t but the ‘forever entrepreneur’ has always, even from a young age seen opportunities the rest of us mere mortals miss and whilst his buddies were enjoying the craic  (Irish-ese for fun), our Martin was the impresario making it all happen – for a margin, naturalment.

From those early ‘craic’ dealing days, Martin has honed his entrepreneurial eye and raised his eyesight from the West of Ireland to view the entire globe for opportunity. And he found it when he founded InflightFlix International, potentially disrupting an entire industry by showcasing video destination guides at points before visitors arrive – onboard, online and on-social.

Despite the fact that the global airline industry is on it’s knees, the irrepressible Martin O’Regan remains upbeat about 2021 and beyond.

Folks, I invite you to stick on the kettle, grab a coffee and listen to this fascinating story of building a business despite many, many roadblocks.

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Yours Truly: And a very good morning one and all, you are more than welcome to The Coffee at Eleven Show. Season two, episode two, delighted to have you here, and thank you for joining us. And I’d like, in particular, to welcome my special guest today, Martin O’Regan of InflightFlix. Martin O’Regan, please say hello. Cheers us with your coffee mug.

Martin O’Regan: Hi Colm, thanks for having me.

Yours Truly: Ah indeed, our pleasure.

Martin O’Regan: Cheers.

Yours Truly: Folks, let me just tell you before I bring Martin in, in his own words, let me just tell you some of the stuff that I know about Martin if I may. Martin O’Regan, obviously, his business, InflightFlix International Limited. And what does your business do, Martin? Produces premium destination video guides, showcasing great things to do, places to go, stay, eat, drink, and shop. For airlines to use online, onboard, and on social media. Started in 2018. How many employees? Currently four with plans to employ 100 people within four years, go Martin. From a private perspective, a Galway man living in exile in Clare, I love that. Married to Ciara, three amazing daughters, Meaghan, Maia, and Lila. Forgive me if I’ve mentioned Lila incorrectly.

Martin O’Regan: Lila.

Yours Truly: Lila.

Martin O’Regan: Yeah.

Yours Truly: Meaghan, Maia, and Lila. Proud to be Irish, and passionate about promoting great Ireland experiences locally, nationally, and globally. Since 2013, his companies have produced destination video guides for hotel bedroom TVs, global tour operators, email campaigns, car hire apps, and Aer Lingus’ in-flight entertainment. With over 1000 videos produced, that have been loaded over 10 million times… whoa… in 150 countries. He has the plan, partners, and passion to stimulate demand for domestic and international travel tourism in 2021, and create 50 to 100 jobs in the next three to five years. Looking forward to that.

Yours Truly: And then something nobody knows about Martin. Wait till you hear this, right. Out of 700 applicants to Contiki Australia, Martin was one of 40 selected to be an Australian tour guide. And at a wedding in Sydney three years later, he met a trained Australian tour guide who heard about him in college, and thought Martin was an urban legend. And to cap the urban legend mantle… Wait till you hear this… He declined an invitation to Buckingham Palace. What can we say? Martin O’Regan, great pleasure to have you here. Great pleasure to have you here.

Martin O’Regan: Thanks very much, Colm.

Yours Truly: Martin, we’re going to go to Q and A from the floor in just a few moments, and I think to somebody… to most people’s favorite part of the show, or so I’m told, in just a few moments. But before we do that, please would you tell us, what are you taking with you from COVID that you’re not letting go of?

Martin O’Regan: Yeah, so I guess with COVID… yeah, the whole traveling thing, in terms of more time at home, the office is not necessary, is not critical anymore, obviously. The other opportunities that COVID have presented is able to attend meetings. Like I was at the World Aviation Festival in London that… Well, I would have been in London two weeks ago. The following day, there was an aviation festival in Miami. Able to attend more events online, and connect with people as well, through those events. I’ve learned. But the most important thing, I think, is the wasted time that was traveling to and from the office, and so on. Yeah, we can now connect with people online, even though that’s not good for the travel industry, obviously. But that is going to be the biggest hit for airlines, is the business travel.

Yours Truly: So what you’re taking, then, with you is the fact that your time… you’ve got more time back.

Martin O’Regan: Yeah, more time at home, yeah. Yeah, which is critical. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


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