A Tour Guide, an Entrepreneur, a Dance Teacher, a Digital Marketing Guru and a Life Coach bring hope through COVID – Coffee with Colm Episode 211

Another week of Lockdown, another great week on the Coffee at Eleven Show featuring a diverse bunch of people, sharing their journeys, hopes and dreams, pre, during and post COVID.

Wonderful perspectives offered to help you gain clarity on yours in these once-in-a-lifetime days.

The week went like this:

  • Monday: “We are never going to see another pandemic; let’s not waste this one” Liam Bourke Master Tour Guide
  • Tuesday: “To land on your feet, you first have to be up in the air, twirling around!” Yvonne Dolan, Blendi
  • Wednesday: “Turn it Up. Turn Up the Music!” Michelle Barry (Princess Shelley)’s tip for beating the COVID blues
  • Thursday: “Give Yourself Permission to do Whatever You Want during COVID” Emma D’Arcy – Coffee at Eleven Show
  • Friday: “All We Have is Now!” After 2 near-death experiences, Eamonn Smith knows what is really important.

Each guest brought a completely different vibe and perspective to our being in Lockdown, reflecting not only on their businesses before during and after COVID, but increasingly on the unexpected positives appearing in the totality of their lives by being forced, by COVID, to stop.

Towards the end of each interview, after we had learned who they were, what their business is, what it was like before COVID, what its like now and what are their hopes for when the veil lifts – and before we went to LIVE Q&A from the floor – I asked each of them for the one tip they would offer their nearest and dearest in terms of coping with COVID?

This is what each said.

To find out what each guest’s ‘Coping with COVID No. 1 Tip’ is, stick on the kettle, grab a coffee, pull up a comfy chair, gift yourself nine minutes of YOU time and watch the ‘Top Tips’ video (highly recommended) , listen to the Top Tips Podcast (recommended) or read on below… then pick your favorite and watch the full interview (links below each guest’s tip)

Top Tips (and short Bios) In Their Own Words

  • Name. Liam Bourke Business name: Liam Bourke’s Ireland. What does your business do? Bespoke private guided tours of Ireland. Employees? Just myself. After 9 yrs with a leading luxury touring company, Liam decided to set up on he’s own in 2017. From a slow start, not knowing where the next loaf of bread would come from, he had to work really hard on social media to get the clients, mostly from the USA. Something nobody knows about you. Behind it all, I can be quite shy, but learned to realize, that a quiet priest, never got a parish. So I had to work really hard on that.

“As I said, maybe I mentioned it already, you enjoy the time and do things that you don’t regret in two months time, or six weeks time, when we are out of this in the middle of May – that we didn’t do what we all could’ve done – might be gardens, ‘I could have done such and such’. Now is the time to learn. I’m now spending time researching, learning, my day is full, you know. I get up in the morning, listen to Evelyn McAleer, ‘Morning Gratitude’ , I have ‘Coffee with Colm’ at Eleven. My day is packed, Colm. I do my cycling, my gardening, visit my elderly mother, my day is packed, I’m really enjoying it.”

(Liam’s Full Interview here)

  • Name Yvonne Dolan Business Name Blendi Snacks What does your business do? Blendi Snacks produces a very similar tasting snack to a packet of nuts except their main ingredient is a broad bean ! 75% less fat & no Allergens ! Blendi snacks takes a broad bean & green peas and flavours them in the same traditional flavours used with nuts & crisps ie (Garlic, Onion, Bar-B-Q, Salted) How long established? 12 months How many employees? 3 Y.D. Founder of Blendi Snacks her 4th Start-up in 35 years 3 successful & one pivot, there is no such thing as a fail….in start-ups….. Living Life happens in seven year cycle with Yvonne 3 x 7 years (age 21 left Ireland) for the States 7 years living in USA 7 years living back in Ireland 7 years living in Croatia 7 years living in Spain 4 years back in Ireland Something nobody know about you? I played golf at a very high level, & went to Spain to see if I could get my handicap down below 5

“I’m not going to give advice to anyone, but I’ll tell you what I did a couple of days ago. I ordered a half-ton of … of soil, of top soil and I’m going to make my own vegetable garden. Now, I know a lot of people are think, “If you have space in the garden to do that” but why not? 

Colm: “You had a pause there when you said, “I ordered half a ton…” I was waiting to see…”

Yvonne (laughing): “I know, I was seeing the look on your face changing, thinking, ‘I hope this is going to be ok, whatever she’s going to say.”

Colm (Yvonne still laughing): “It was broad beans, peas, flavoring…”

Yvonne (Colm laughing): Top soil… The only advice I can say to everyone is, ‘get your top soil’.

Colm: So I suppose we can translate that into, get out into nature and do something?

Yvonne: Yeah.

Colm: You’re not selling top soil, are you?

Yvonne (laughing): No. Here’s another point, has anybody noticed that in the months of January and February, it just so happened that most weekend, from a Thursday to a Monday, it lashed, it stormed, there was winds breaking down fences… March and April so far, for the last seven weeks, it’s just been glorious, hasn’t it? Anyway. (laughs)

(Yvonne’s Full Interview here)

  • Name Princess Shelley AKA Michelle Barry Business Name DanceMasters School of Dance, Devine Events, Castle Blinds What does your business do? I am a Dance Teaching, Event Organising Window Blind Provider How long established? Dance 30yrs, Events 8yrs & Blinds almost 4 Years How many employees? Dance 1 ~ Events 3 ~ Blinds 1 of 12 Bumper to Bumper, Choc-a-Block, Go,Go,Go ~ Sums up Michelle’s day to day for the last 30 years. Since teaching her first dance class at 12yrs old in Sixmilebridge Michelle has worked on ensuring she has the fullest schedule imaginable and up until recently thrives on being hectic. Mum to 4, Sister to 3, Daughter to 2 and Wife to 1, 2 Businesses and a full-time key role in another family business, Childline Volunteer and Soprano in a Gospel Choir. Michelle has adapted surprisingly well to the whiplash in lifestyle that Covid19 is offering and is giddy at the idea of chatting to us all today. Something nobody knows about you? I’ve recorded an album that nobody has ever heard!

“It could be viewed as a little bit airy-fairey, or a little bit soft and fluffy, but do you know what? ‘Turn it up’. ‘Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up’ What am I talking about?  The music. There’s a reason every Netflix program we watch and every movie that we watch has background music; whether you realize it or not, it enhances the experience of the movie. So, do you know what? If you haven’t got an appreciation  of music, it’s because you haven’t been listening to the right stuff. I sing to it, I dance to it, I think to it, I clean to it, I do lots of things to it – drive to it, whatever. Everything is enhanced by music. And turn it up. Not just so you can hear it, but so that you can feel it, I like to… if you’re not feeling it, again, it’s not loud enough. And if you’re not lovin’ it, it’s the wrong type of music but it’s out there, just  ‘Turn it Up, Whack it Up”. That’s it really.”

(Michelle’s Full Interview here)

  • Name Emma D’Arcy Business Name Emma D Marketing What does your business do? Marketing Consultancy, Digital & Social Media Marketing agency and Digital marketing and social media marketing trainer How long established? 9 years How many employees? Myself (with contractors) Digital & Social Media Marketing Consultant & Trainer, Business Owner, Lecturer in Digital & Social Media Marketing at The University of Limerick Founder of The Marketing Success Summit – an online learning summit with acclaimed international marketing speakers Founder of “The Winners Enclosure”, an online mastermind. Marketing leader in a global sense. “Marketing without borders.” Something nobody know about you? I am an introvert!

“Blah for me? It’s giving yourself permission to do what you would like to do; it’s that simple. It sounds, you know, it’s not complicated, it sounds… it’s just giving yourself that permission. Because I know I’ve stopped myself from doing things in the past. And, I feel like I’m emerging now, I’m sure that sounds strange – I’m emerging now and even, its funny, because obviously, as a Digital Marketer, I know how to work the system, if you will, and… like I changed my profile picture yesterday and whatever, and I know it’s funny, because I’m talking to a friend of mine next week and she’s a Digital Marketer in the UK and she’s hilarious, but she knows, ‘Oh, Emma’s back on now. She’s ready to go again’, you know? Just, there are certain things that I would do. So I think it’s kinda like that. Give yourself permission and announce to the world, if you like, what you want to do or who you are and go with it.”

(Emma’s Full Interview here)

  • Name Eamonn Smith Business Name Eamonn Smith Coaching What does your business do? My mission is to facilitate people being in the driving seat of their own life, a master of their own life and all the various aspects of it (business, relationships, health, well-being etc) How long established? 2017 started giving pro-bono talks, pro-bono coaching. 1 year established in professional service as coach speaker mentor How many employees? 1. Me. Eamonn says… My journey began at 40, at the point of no return, feeling lost and beyond hope. This journey has led to discovering my purpose, as a Coach, Mentor and Inspirational Speaker. My passion is in sharing my message and facilitating in Personal Growth & Mastery through what I call P.I.E.S, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual. Using insight, vulnerability, inspiration, courage, humour, I serve to facilitate people creating new beliefs, new habits new skills new actions new results I believe that You CAN be, do, have everything you want. I believe It IS possible. My dream is to facilitate as many people as possible unlocking this potential within. Something nobody know about you? My near miss, my almost-car-crash, and the profound experience in the midst of it, which gave me the courage to take massive action

“Blah for me is Now! in a word. In other words, what can I do right now? From where I am, with what I have, so I suppose it’s acceptance. That was one of my big change around things for me. I remember a time when, banging my hands on the steering wheel in tears, ‘Why is this happening?’ and that’s non-acceptance. And then I remembered, hang on a second, I remembered this stuff that ‘you’re working with yourself’, acceptance is ‘This IS happening right now. This is how now is. Ok.’ There’s almost a release in that straight away. So my tip would be ‘Now’. What can I do right now, from where I am , with what I have? and, even if you don’t know, write it down and allow, give your subconscious permission to play with it. Say, ‘Ok, I don’t have an answer for that right now” – this is what I do – “I don’t have an answer for that right now, but I’m writing it down, it;s there, it’s on the page, What can I do right now, from where I am , with what I have? Ok. Fine. Great. Thank you. Now, I’m going for a walk. Now, I’m just going to be with me for a bit. I leave that space and stuff will come up, so, ‘What can I do right now, from where I am , with what I have?’ Start there. Follow the breadcrumbs.”

(Eamonn’s Full Interview here)

I have another full week of chats on ‘The Coffee at Eleven Show’ next week as we enter Lockdown Week 4, with some really cool people:

Monday: Sarah Warde Mom, Wife, ME Sufferer

Tuesday: Ciara McCullough, Ran the Wild Atlantic Way

Wednesday: Amanda Delaney, Business Coach, Mentor, public speaker

Thursday: Sharon McDermott, Mom, Entrepreneur

Friday: Pascal Derrien, former Senior Corporate Executive, now Social Enterprise Leader

Join us FREE and LIVE on Zoom at 11am any week day at this link: https://zoom.us/j/922709115 or subscribe to my YouTube Channel here to catch the replays at a time that suits you.

Meantime, Stay Apart, Stay Safe.

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