How the Cafe Owner, the Physio and the Money Coach are addressing COVID – LIVE Coffee with Colm interviews offering hope in uncertain times – Ep 207

I much prefer the term Physical Distancing to Social Distancing. If anything, we need to remain even more socially connected than ever before.

COVID-19 has hit us all – not just here in Ireland, but in every corner of the globe and it’s serious. The immediate threat, of course, is to our health, ours and that of people we know and love – we must all maintain strict physical distancing to keep them and us safe, so as to give the heroes on the front lines, namely our medical professions space to cope during, what I refer to as, World War C.

The secondary threat, no less serious in the longer term, is the economic threat looming on the horizon for all, great and small alike, as we stare towards an uncertain future.

Combining these realities;

  1. the threat to health posed by operating business as usual,
  2. and the subsequent drop (up to 100% in some cases, my own included) in business,
  3. and the need to remain socially connected, whilst maintaining physical distancing,

I thought I’d step up 10 levels and take Coffee with Colm LIVE.

Stepping WAY out of my comfort zone (believe it or not), I thought, I’ve been going on camera every week for years now, ruminating on some aspect of Life and Business, and I wondered how it might work if I invited some cool people, business owners in the SME sector, for ‘Coffee with Colm LIVE’ in front of an assembled audience, all online…

How could it be done was my first question? ZOOM was the answer – great platform. So basically I set up a ZOOM meeting and muted everyone else’s mics except for me and my guest.

The format is simple enough too:

Interview lasts 20-25 minutes – Yours Truly asking my guest a handful of questions

  1. Who is N?
  2. Business to date?
  3. What’s happening now?
  4. How/why are you remaining positive?
  5. One tip?

Then we go to the floor for Q&A for 10-15 mins. Brave souls literally raise their hand and I un-mute them to ask the question, guest answers and Bob’s your uncle.


And it worked! People agreed to be interviewed. An audience turned up. Kettles were boiled and with coffee in hand, we all sat down for the chats.

‘Coffee at Eleven’ LIVE was born.

You see I don’t have all the answers, but together, we have many so as long as this thing lasts, I commit to going LIVE every weekday Monday, through Friday at 11am sharp for 30-35 minutes. You can join us any day for ‘Coffee at Eleven’ LIVE by clicking the link at the bottom of the piece.

To give you a flavour of the interviews, I have put together this highlights reel of my three interviews (only started Wednesday after St. Patrick’s Day) for you to enjoy.

Links to all full interviews are provided at the bottom of the piece, the idea being, if you particularly like one snippet from a guest, you can dive deeper and listen to the full interview incl. Q&A.

So, I invite you to stick on the kettle, grab a coffee, relax, and think with me and my guests for a few minutes in perhaps a different way to before…

Watch the video (HIGHLY recommended) or listen to the podcast (recommended)

Full interviews:

  • The Cafe Owner, Alan Andrews, on how to pivot your business during COVID: Video | Podcast
  • The Physiotherapist, Orla Foley, on how to remain healthy and optimistic, despite what we are seeing, hearing and feeling: Video | Podcast
  • The Money Coach, Aoife Gaffney, on creative ways to stretch the few bob until the veil lifts: Video | Podcast

Tune in to ‘Coffee at Eleven’ LIVE at 11am sharp for FREE Monday to Friday next week (I recommend you are in your seat, coffee and notepad in hand by 10.55) to watch me interview some more cool business owners by clicking this link.

Or come back this time next week for the highlights.

Stay safe out there.


For these and hundreds more ‘Coffee with Colm’ short inspirational videos, subscribe to my YouTube Channel here

Like many of you, Yours Truly is reinventing his business in the face of Coronavirus. Beginning on Monday March 30th he is starting an online survive and thrive programme for business people called Wigwam.

It features a small private group of business people who will meet for one hour a week online for the following ten weeks online to reinvent their businesses.

If you’re a business person looking for motivation and peer support in reinventing the way you do business please email him on or phone on 087-2836215  

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