The Man on the Train and Other Stories – recorded in front of a LIVE audience in Dublin – #CoffeewithColm Episode 181

Well now, this is going to be different!

For the first time ever I haven’t written a #CoffeewithColm blog post.

Instead, I invite you to watch or listen to Yours Truly recorded LIVE when I spoke to an 70-strong audience at Amanda Delaney’s wonderful event We Can and We Will Talk. (You NEED to check out Amanda’s work. Indeed consider joining us for We Can and We Will Talk in August – it’s FREE, links below – if there any tickets left!)

The title of my talk was…

The Man on the Train and Other Stories

Over the course of fifteen minutes (should have been 10 – oops!) I wove together three stories, each of which has had a significant impact on my life, my business, who I am and who I am becoming.

The three stories are:

  1. The Perfect Storm (that killed our first business) 
  2. The Man on the Train (and how a random meeting changed my fortunes forever – indeed it is why you are reading this today!) 
  3. Why Getting Older is the Coolest thing EVER! 

If you’re a fan of my video work, I know you’ll go there straight away, or indeed my podcast fans same, but if you are used to reading my work, break out – it IS the Bank Holiday weekend after all – I promise you it’ll be worth it. 🙂 

(However, if you insist on the written word, I have provided links to the three stories separately at the bottom of the piece)

Sincere thanks to Amanda Delaney for the invitation to speak, the We Can and We Will audience for being so engaged and engaging and the very talented Marie-Clare Byard for the wonderful pics and video.

To find out how it went and, more importantly, to find out HOW YOU WILL RECOGNIZE YOUR MAN ON THE TRAIN MOMENT stick on the kettle, grab a coffee and think with me by – watching the recording of the LIVE video here , or listening to the Podcast, recorded LIVE in Dublin in July at We Can and We Will Talk  here

I hope you enjoy watching/hearing The Man on the Train and Other Stories as much as the audience did on the night…

If you’d prefer to read any or all of the three stories, here are the links to each from previous episodes of #CoffeewithColm

  • The Perfect Storm – click here.
  • The Man on the Train – click here.
  • Why Getting Older is the Coolest thing EVER! – click here.

As always, thanks for thinking with me. Have a lovely Bank Holiday rest.

Yours truly.


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