Let Go and Let God (or why sometimes we miss out on life’s abundance by clinging too tightly to what we have) This week’s #CoffeewithColm Episode 179

Deepak Chopra says that we should pay attention to coincidence and recurring patterns in our life, so when the same message came to me twice in rapid succession I knew I had to ‘think out loud’ about it over a coffee with you. Thanks for joining me.

I love James Corden – a man who is completely comfortable in his own skin – and I have loved Barbra Streisand forever – such an angelic voice and quirky beauty – so when I stumbled across them enjoying #CarpoolKaraoke together on the web, I had to have a goo. (Safe to say it is fantastic and you need to check it out – link below)

Around the same time, I had a coffee with a friend and through general conversation, the same message came through.

Here are the two short stories for you to consider. You can watch the five-minute video, listen to the five-minute podcast, or read on below for more…

Short Story 1.

James and Barbra are flitting around LA (Barbra driving) having the chats and singing songs. At one point James asks her why she didn’t perform on stage for twenty-seven years! I never knew that. And her answer blew me away. Wait until you hear this…

Barbra Streisand – THE Barbra Streisand – didn’t perform on stage for twenty-seven years because of … stage fright!

Seems none of us is immune to stuff, all of us are human and so the uber-talented Ms Streisand was afraid to get up and sing in front of people for over a quarter century!

Barbra’s response to his follow-up questions is why we’re having this coffee together today.

James asked her does she get nervous now and her response was that she doesn’t get ‘nervous-nervous’ but she just doesn’t want to disappoint people. He asked what does Barbra Streisand tell herself now, just before she steps on stage.

Barbra says, “Let Go and Let God.”

Short Story 2.

I’m having a coffee ‘in real’ with a friend and the chat meanders through all aspects of life and business. We talk about our kids, as you do. He tells me of a very interesting life-skill his wife and he decided their children must have. Along with a good education and a driving licence, they would equip them with ‘Life Saving Skills’ as in Lifegurad (at a pool or a beach). They’ll have all those skills as a foundation for life.

Never heard of that before where it was a family decision that all children would have it and found it really interesting.

It got even more interesting when I heard that one of the boys had cause to use his Life Saving training ‘in real’ when he was just eighteen years of age.

Picture the scene. Banks of the river Shannon flowing through Limerick city. Our unwitting hero is walking along when he hears a commotion by the river. Looks over the river wall to see a man had fallen in to the fast-flowing current.

He togs off and is in the water in a flash and swims to where this older and bigger man is clinging for dear life to some protrusion with a death-like grip (wouldn’t you?). This teenager had to convince the older man that the only way for him to be rescued was to let go – had to demonstrate to him that he was in safe hands and that he would be ok.

The man finally loosened his grip, let go, and surrendered into the arms of this eighteen year old boy who knew how to do the job.

It all ended well.

Deepak says look for patterns, look for coincidences. I do. I found I needed to talk about ‘letting go’ for myself as well as perhaps for you our someone you know.

What are you clinging on to for dear life thinking if you let go it’ll be game over?

Perhaps if you were to trust the Universe, and were willing to loosen your grip and maybe even let go, you will in fact have two hands free to accept the abundance life has in store for you?

Is it time to Let Go and Let God?

Thanks for thinking with me.

Yours truly.


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Check out James Corden and Barbra Streisand in #CarpoolKaraoke here.

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4 Responses to “Let Go and Let God (or why sometimes we miss out on life’s abundance by clinging too tightly to what we have) This week’s #CoffeewithColm Episode 179”
  1. Carmela

    enlightening! motivating!
    I would recommend people listen to it first thing in the morning: it makes a great start for a new day!

  2. Rachel Collery

    Hi Colm, Amazing 5minute video! Really made me think and gave me some inspiration. And oddly enough i had just grabbed a coffee before I read your email #coffewithcolm
    Great work, Thank You.

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