Over the past number of years I have enjoyed speaking to various groups and organisations. All have been significant opportunities to tell people of the journey I have been on and to offer the skills and tips I have used to achieve the life I really want and to build a successful company.
Want me to speak at Your Event?

For many years I have used the question ‘How can I help?’ on my business cards and in my interactions with people. 

I am genuine about wanting to help and empower people with the knowledge and experience I have – if I can help, I will. If not, I will try and connect people to those who possibly can.

I understand that finding a great speaker for your event can be a daunting task. You want a professional that will deliver professional content to your audience that will add value to their experience and time with you. Yet you don’t want someone that will be too stuffy or afraid to loosen up. This is a surefire way to lose people’s attention.

It is important to me that the events I speak at and the people who come to seminars at which I make presentations are empowered. I ensure my delivery is engaging, down-to-earth and in a language that people understand and can relate to.

I would be delighted to speak with you about a possible opportunity to offer something different for your audience.

Please feel free to contact me at colm@colmobrienmotivation.com or 0872836215

*** NO REPRODUCTION FEE *** DUBLIN : 13/5/2015 : Pictured at the All-Ireland Business Summit at Croke Park. Picture Conor McCabe Photography.


  • I was struggling with my decision to remain a second generation part of a family business that was bumping along the bottom for decades. I met Colm O’Brien and began to get clearer on the Life I really wanted for me and my wife and so gained the courage to make a change.
    It wasn’t easy. It hasn’t been comfortable, but it was the right decision. I am happier and more enthusiastic about my life
    than I have been for years


  • I read Colm’s book and it spoke to me unexpectedly. I knew my life was out of sync, but I didn’t know why. I was working very hard but all I seemed to be doing after years of effort was treading water. So I met Colm for a coffee. Now I have a plan. I know what the Life I Really Want Looks like. I have been honest with myself as to where my life and my business were when I started the process. I am happy, energised and on track.


  • My life was too busy. I had no time for me. Colm O’Brien had me stop and think and ask myself how I wanted my life to look. I did. I am now happier and more focused. I really believe I am on track to create the life I really want.