You Have Groupies – did you know that? And they are watching… everything. This week’s #CoffeewithColm Episode 187

I love this time of year. Back to school. Most parents do but for me it’s for a very different reason. Each year a new cohort of kids are promoted, naturally, to the position of School Leaders. Yep. This time every year sees a whole raft of eleven and twelve year olds assume the mantle of school leadership as they enter their final year in primary school, as they become collectively known as ‘Sixth Class’.

I love talking about Leadership and Responsibility and so I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to address Sixth Class kids in Carambola client schools to get them thinking about their responsibility to all the younger children beneath them, oftentimes a full seven years worth, Junior Infants to Fifth, and sometimes numbering in the hundreds. That is an awesome responsibility, but it also a wonderful opportunity.

And I usually begin the conversation by telling them they have Groupies.

Their quizzical looks disappear when I explain what a Groupie is. I ask them via a show of hands if they have idols out there, in music, dance, sport, etc. The hands pop up and down. I explain they themselves are Groupies to that hero, and they are likely interested in what he or she says, does, eats, drinks, wears, and acts.

The nodding heads tell me that everyone gets the idea.

Then I tell them who their Groupies are.

Sixth Class kids’ Groupies are most likely hidden in the fabric of the school, younger kids in the lower classes, who for some reason has chosen one out the Sixth Class as the coolest thing since sliced bread.

The reason almost doesn’t matter, the fact that it is real does.

To help them  accept the idea that they DO have Groupies I remind them that when they were in those same lower classes they had heroes in sixth class too – the smiles widen as they remember their idols of yesteryear.

The same is true for you. And me.

To find out more, watch the six-minute video, listen to the six-minute podcast, or read on below…

You and I have idols out there too. Sports, Music, Arts, Entertainment, Leaders in any field, someone we think is the coolest thing since sliced bread and if we could wave a magic wand, oftentimes we might wish our lives were more akin to theirs. Am I wrong? I don’t think so.

And we are likely interested in what he or she says, does, eats, drinks, wears, and acts. In fact our idols/heroes may be different people, with different traits each that when combined might make the perfect human, in our estimation.

You are influenced in your decisions, and your world view by these people. Indeed seeing people become ‘influencers’ has become the new norm.

But you need to know you have Groupies too. And they are watching…everything.

I believe it to be true that there is somebody out there who has chosen you as their ‘coolest thing since sliced bread’ and if they could wave a magic wand, they would be you.

I don’t know who it is for you, I don’t know who it is for me, I just believe it to be true; there is somebody out there that you are an influencer to.

Indeed, I believe it true that there is somebody out there who can ONLY be influenced by you.

And the question is, “Is your influence worth following?”

Only you can answer that question. Assuming you believe in at least the possibility that you have Groupies and that he/she/they are watching you to see what you do, what you wear, what you drink, what you eat, how you behave in public, how you act in private, then it suggests perhaps you need to give more consideration to what you do and how you do it? And what you eat perhaps, and what you wear perhaps, and how you are perhaps?

And how you believe in yourself perhaps?

Because everything that you do is having an impact on not just you and those closest to you, but it is also bearing influence on somebody back there, somebody whom you might never know, but who is watching.

I think that is an awesome responsibility.

That’s challenge I want to pose in this week’s Coffee with Colm episode. Let me assume we are on the same page here and that you at least accept the notion that you might have Groupies, and that they are watching everything, to see who you are, to see how you are, to see what you are about, then might you consider it in everything you do next week?

Imagine if somebody was watching all the time. And listening all the time, would it change some of your behaviors? I know for me, it would and likely for you, it would too.

So why don’t we take on this Groupie Challenge next week, you and I?

Let’s assume ‘they’ can see and hear everything.

Perhaps start with an obvious cohort of Groupies, that may in fact be hiding in plain sight – your children and grandchildren. What are they seeing, what are they listening to, what are they observing, how are you with them? How do they see you when you are in a public environment,  versus who they believe you to be in private? Is there a difference? And if so, why is that the case?

So there’s your ‘CoffeewithColm challenge for the next seven days. Assume you are being seen and heard 24/7 and see what changes it suggests. Feel free to make some.

See you next week.

Thanks for thinking with me

Yours truly,


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