Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty? Doesn’t Matter – it’s Refillable! A #2020Vision #SoaringTwenties #CoffeewithColm Episode 197

2020 – can you believe it?  How did that happen? Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the turn of the Millennium!

I hope 2019 was a great year for you?

But I am aware that some people I know (and many I don’t) wish 2019 good riddance and so I am prompted to pen this piece to them in particular.

You see, we have all had those years. And we very may well again. They are part and parcel of this wonderful adventure we call life. And I’d prefer life to the alternative any day!

Truthfully for me 2019 was a good year – lots happened both personally and professionally and I find myself at the dawn of The Soaring Twenties in good stead. In particular I can single out a fateful re-connection meeting when Padraic O’Maille came to my event in June (we first worked together 30 years ago), the outcome of which is our new joint venture – OurBoard which is SO exciting. That, and joining the illustrious ranks of TEDx speakers, when Janie Lazar and Lottie Hearn deemed me worthy to grace the famous Red Dot at TEDx Dun Laoghaire in October alongside eight wonderful other speakers, each of us sharing our ideas worth spreading.

Let’s talk apples, sweets and glasses half full or half empty?

To find out where I am headed with this, stick on the kettle, gran a coffee and think with me in your preferred way: watch the video, listen to the podcast or read on below…


In 1975 a guy called Steve Wozniak had an idea worth spreading which he took to his buddy, another Steve, the adopted son of Paul and Clara Jobs. Young Steve jobs thought young Wozniak’s idea worth spreading. It was about building and selling an easy-to-use personal computer to the masses around the world.

The pair worked round the clock to create their compact PC. But when they offered it to Hewlett Packard (where Wozniak worked), one of the world’s great companies, the powers-that-be failed to see its incredible potential and gave it short shrift.

So Wozniak and Jobs went off on their own and founded a little company called Apple Computers – and revolutionized the computer industry!

Apple became the world’s first Trillion Dollar Company in 2016 and as we enter the Soaring Twenties has a market cap of $1,150,000,000,000. (That is one, thousand, one hundred and fifty BILLION).

How much is Hewlett Packard worth today? a paltry (relatively speaking naturalment) $30Bn – Oops!


Roll on to 1982. Another Stephen (with a ph this time) decided to make a movie about an alien visiting earth and envisioned a young boy luring the alien creature with coloured sweets. M&Ms were Stephen Spielberg’s first choice for Elliott to use to get E.T. to stay.

However the Mars chocolate company executives decided nothing could be gained from allowing their M&M’s sweets to be used in what some of them considered ‘a silly movie’. Consequently, Elliott ended up luring the loveable alien E.T. with Hershey’s Reese’s Pieces.

That one scene drew millions of customers worldwide into sweet shops in quest of Reese’s Pieces, made by Hershey’s.

Thanks to this movie mega-hit, Hershey’s sales shot up 65 per cent!

Glass half full or half empty

Apples: Wozniak and Jobs saw the glass as half full, HP, deemed it half-empty. Both were right in the moment. Steve and Steve decided to bet on themselves.

Sweets: Spielberg saw the glass half-full, Mars execs, half empty – both were right at the time. Hershey’s decided to agree with Spielberg.

You see whether you see the glass half full or half empty, you are 100% right in the moment, the only question is what are you going to do with it? Over New Years I put up a post asking was a particular champagne glass (mine) half full or empty? Three people including Sue Masterson, Carol Coakley and a cousin of mine, Fergal commented that the GLASS IS ALWAYS REFILLABLE!


There’s no shortage of people who will tell you, ‘It can’t be done’ or ‘It won’t work.’ There’s a name for those people: ‘dream killers’ – and if you listen to them you’ll give up before you even begin. Behind every major accomplishment you’ll find ordinary people with dreams, who are willing to take responsibility and risks. They are the people who enjoy the rewards!

May 2020 be your year for refilling the glass and may you be rewarded with an never emptying one.

And, as my friend Eileen Forrestal says, “Here’s to the ‘Soaring Twenties’.


Thanks for thinking with me.

Yours truly.


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