I’m never down. I’m either up or I’m getting up (or why it’s ok to not be ok at times) This week’s “Coffee with Colm”

I’m never down. That’s a lie, clearly.

Of course I get down. I’m human.

I get down, you get down and the most (apparently) positive person you can think of right now gets down and if they tell you they don’t remember they’ll lie about other stuff too.

But isn’t it all about framing or re-framing? Is it not all about perspective?

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Having come across the phrase many moons ago, I re-read “I’m never down, I’m either up or I’m getting up” somewhere during the week and when a friend of mine admitted to having a particularly tough week professionally I thought I’d use the opportunity to remind him, me and you that life is tough, life kicks us around and beats us up at times but we always, always have the power to rise again – and declare I’m never down, I’m either up or I’m getting up – and life oftentimes responds with ‘oh, shoot, this one’s a tough cookie, better let her/him have their way so…’ nothing beats persistence.

“I’m never down, I’m either up or I’m getting up” is up there with “Sometimes I win and sometimes I learn”. I wrote in a piece a few weeks ago that most people complete that sentence with the word ‘lose’ – sometimes I win and sometimes I lose, but professionals never lose. Professionals say “Sometimes I win and sometimes I learn”. And you are a professional at life so, win or learn, stay up or get up.

Sometimes it’s ok to not be ok. Sometimes it’s ok to stop and rest. Sometimes it’s ok to retreat and lick your wounds. I was talking with another friend recently about this where she identified she needed a period of wound licking – very important – self-care is not selfish. We see it in the animal kingdom the whole time, a wounded animal will often retreat, hide, rest and lick it’s wounds until they are strong enough to get back in the fray – you and I need to take a lesson from that. Rest if you must, just remember to stop licking when the wound has healed! If you keep licking a wound that has healed, it will become sore again!

Maybe the business idea that you’ve been pursuing isn’t working despite years of effort, maybe it’s time to pivot and throw in the towel (on that particular idea) but never, ever, ever give up on you.

This week, if you find yourself not 100%, remember is 100% ok to give yourself permission to rest and take care of yourself if you need to. It’s ok to rest, but just don’t quit.

And if life attempts to knock you down, tell it “Life, I’m either up, or I’m getting up, so go waste your blows on someone else!”


Thanks for thinking with me.

Yours truly.


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