Do You Suffer From Entrepreneurial Constipation? (or what to do if you have difficulty passing an opportunity?) This week’s “Coffee with Colm”

Entrepreneurial Constipation – sounds uncomfortable yet many rookie or wannabe entrepreneurs suffer terribly.

The problem is, entrepreneurs by their nature see opportunity everywhere, their entrepreneurial radar is on 24/7 and so they are plagued (or blessed) with a constant stream of ideas, where they believe they see a gap in the market.

The rookie however, sees many gaps in many markets and oftentimes cannot distinguish which is the right one for them. They also suffer, many of them from the 21st Century phenomenon, FOMO – an acronym for Fear Of Missing Out!

It is this very fear drives them to not land the plane so to speak but to continue their search for the next big thing, the get-rich quick scheme that will help them realize all their dreams and desires.

Entrepreneurial Constipation – is simply the inability to pass an opportunity!

Sufferers are recognized by their constant flitting from one shiny idea to the next and flitting on again once the going gets tough. Rather than risk succeeding with one idea, they back many horse so to speak and in doing so, not only do they never win the race, more often they don’t even get off the starting line!

Many spend entire careers believing their next break is just around the corner if only they keep on looking!

Some decide to stop flitting and alight on their big idea and then, (back to the constipation analogy) try too hard! For too long! And nothing happens!

The constipated entrepreneur first of all can’t pass an opportunity and/or then tries too hard for too long, trying to force an outcome that just won’t happen.

Why is that?

To find out why, watch the six-minute video, listen to the six-minute podcast or read on below…

Lack of focus.

Just because there is a gap in the market does not automatically mean there is a market in the gap – many fall down here.

The mature entrepreneur has learned to focus. Has learned to sift through the opportunities that he or she identifies, then takes one or two (only), figures out is there a market in the gap, figures out should she or he be successful in this market that the outcome will allow them live the lifestyle they are dreaming of and then takes steps towards that end.

And they keep on stepping, doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes.

The mature entrepreneur knows when it is time to throw in the towel, unlike the rookie who either throws it in too early every time and moves on or not at all stating they will ‘succeed or die trying’ – the problem is, they might!

I have said before you should never give up – ever – so I’m sure you are wondering how I can now say you need to know when to throw in the towel?

Allow me explain; never, ever, ever give up on your dream of the life you deserve to live – ever! It’s always too early to throw in the towel on your dreams – always!

That does not mean that the business or career you are in or the path that you are on is capable of delivering it to you – no market in the gap – your habits are too flighty etc, so if you relax into it rather than trying to force it, take time to think, you may come to the conclusion that a change is necessary – that is not the same thing as flitting from one hair-brained get rich quick scheme to another ad infinitum or trying to force an idea through that has no chance of doing it for you.

Time to relax perhaps?


Thank you for thinking with me.

Yours truly,


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