How to be a Dream Doer (or how to make 2019 work better than 2018) This week’s “Coffee with Colm”

I met a man.

I asked him, “What do you do?”

He said, “I’m a writer.”

Me, “What have you written? What are you writing currently?”

Him. “Nothing. I’m getting ready. Formulating ideas.”

He’s not a writer, he’s a dreamer. A thinker at best. Perhaps he will be a writer in time, perhaps even a great one, but for now, he is not a writer.

The problem is he is spending all his time in his head believing he’s a writer, and for those of us who have done that (or perhaps still do)  – done what exactly Colm? For those of us who have spent 24/7 in our head working hard on an idea that was going to be the next big thing, we can testify that it is EXHAUSTING. And at the end of it? Nothing!

So. I’m just back from my annual pilgrimage to Pendulum Summit in Dublin, my seventh one (6 Dublin, 1 New York) – you need to come with me next time – and so for the next few weeks you can expect that our coffee together will be Pendulum flavoured. It is no substitute for the real thing, not even close but I can’t resist sharing something of what impacted me.

To find out more about being a Dream Doer, watch the short video, listen to the podcast (both 4:37) or read on below…

The very first speaker of the event was this most amazing graffiti artist, Erik Wahl, and to say his presentation was mesmerising doesn’t get close to the reality – it was outstanding. Erik C. Wahl is an American graffiti artist, speed-painter, author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur based in San Diego. He owns The Wahl Group, a consultancy firm, and has spoken at conventions by Microsoft, Disney, NBC and Honda.

He painted three beautiful images (to music) as part of his presentation and they were ‘WOW’ – Bono (which one lucky audience member got to take home!), John Lennon and Einstein and used each to teach us lucky enough to be in attendance a key tenet.

With a video running of a celebrity roster singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ intersected with beautiful and heart melting imagery, he extracted John Lennon from a black canvas using colour and flair.

As I said, we were lucky to witness it.

No we weren’t. We weren’t lucky to witness it. We TOOK ACTION to witness it!

We made a commitment to witness it. We (3,500 of us) realising that our businesses or our careers can never outgrow us (not sure if all attending were conscious of the reality of that) decided instead of dreaming about a better future, decided to do something about it and bought a ticket!

We then, and this is important, turned up! Do you know anyone who ever purchased a gym membership, went three times at various convenient intervals and bemoaned that fact that they weren’t Arnold Schwarzenegger or J-Lo (showing my age here but you get it). Schwarzenegger and J-Lo are Dream Doers – not just Dreamers. We that attended Pendulum and witnessed Wahl’s magic unfold are Dream Doers, not just dreamers.

For things to change, things must change. For our lives to improve, we must improve first; t is an immutable law, paradoxical but true.

So here we are at the very start of 2019, what do you want to change this year? Perhaps a better question might be what do you NEED to change this year?

Reflect for a moment on where you were this time last year in terms of the four pillars that support a fully orbed life,

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Spirit

Can you point to significant improvement in all? In any?

Did you start last year with an intention to improve one or more? How did that work out for you? Be honest, there’s nobody watching, nobody listening, except there is. Actions speak louder than words, the body can’t lie, so while we may think nobody is watching or listening, the reality is they are not watching or listening actively, just passively – they are aware of a disconnect between what is being said and what is being done, just like my writer friend at the top of the piece who is in fact not a writer but a thinker!

So, did you improve in 2018? If so in which area(s)?

Would you like to improve in 2019? If so, in which area(s)?

May I make a suggestion?

Let’s imagine all four are out of whack, that none of the four pillars are as strong as you would like, allow me to suggest you just pick ONE for 2019 and give yourself the year to strengthen it so that is rock solid! Wouldn’t that be nice? Imagine sipping “Coffee with Colm” mid Jan 2020 (having come back from attending Pendulum ’20 as part of the COBM Group – just sayin’) with one of your four pillars earthquake proof – how would that feel? Pretty cool I’d expect.

“But what about the other three, Colm” I hear some of you cry. What about them? Live with them – for now – you’ve been living with them for ‘donkeys’ ‘– live with them for another twelve months.

You see, the power and belief you will get by nailing one, by strengthening one pillar so that it is rock solid and unshakable, will prove to you that you can tackle the other three and win.

Imagine (there’s John Lennon again) 4 short years from now (one pillar a year) making the rest of your life the best of your life.

Dream it. Do it. Be a Dream Doer.

To help you through the year graduate from dreaming to doing, I intend to end every “Coffee with Colm” episode by asking ‘The Big Rock’ and ‘The One Thing’ questions

“The Big Rock” is the area of your life that needs most work now.

You need to figure out what The Big Rock is, which aspect of your life currently needs the most work – is it health? wealth? relationships? or is it your spirit or spiritual walk? One of those four pillars of life is probably out of whack, indeed if you are like most of us, several or all of them could be!

Regardless, pick one. Pick the one that if strengthened would have the biggest positive impact on your life.

That’s your Big Rock for 2019.

Then ask

“The One Thing” question.

This will help you take incremental steps, make incremental improvements week by week for the year.

“The One Thing” question is very powerful. Ask yourself what One Thing you could do this week that would have the biggest positive impact on that Big Rock.

And then go do it!

And Ill see you here this time next week for another Pendulum flavoured “Coffee with Colm”


  1. Click the link for more on the Big Rocks Theory

More… if you’ve enjoyed it and you think someone else would benefit, I’d be delighted if you would pass the link on. If it’s your first time here and would like more of this type of stuff, pop to my homepage and leave me some details and I’ll make sure you get a link like this on a weekly basis.

Most importantly please consider what’s been shared here and apply it into your thinking in this next week and then equally as importantly, come back next week and we’ll share another coffee together and I will ruminate on some other aspect of life and business.

Between now and then grab some good coffee, get some fresh air, get some R&R.

If you spend a lot of time alone, I recommend you go meet some people, conversely if you spend a lot of time with people, I recommend you spend some time alone.

And then when the time is right, and only when the time is right get your head back in the game, get organised for the week ahead, make next week count and I’ll see you here this time next week for another “Coffee with Colm”

Thanks for thinking with me.

Yours truly.


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