How to Cope with Corona – Tips From The Coalface: Business Owners talk candidly about how they are COVID-proofing themselves and their businesses Coffee with Colm Ep 208

What a week!

What started as a Corona slowdown imposed for the safety of our citizens has, in the last 48 hours morphed into a virtual Corona lock-down (or as David McWilliams suggested we Irish refer to it, to make it more palatable, a lock-in!).

More and more businesses are shutting up shop voluntarily or by Government dictat. And proper order. The maxim we all grew up with trumps every other concern: Safety First. If your problems today are only financial, you don’t have problems.

Hats off to our Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Tánaiste Simon Coveney, Minsister for Health Simon Harris, and the new Hero of the Hour, Limerick’s very own Dr. Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer for the cool, calm and decisive leadership demonstrated as the situation changes, sometimes by the hour. Bualadh bos, gentlemen.

In particular, let’s take a moment to silently thank in our hearts the men and women at the front in World War C; all medical and support staff, pharmacists, essential service providers, firemen, gardaí, shopkeepers, delivery men and women and all those who leave their families each day to help the rest of us get through this; may they and theirs be protected.

As my contribution to keeping the home fires burning as we battle World War C, I decided to invite a business owner to have Coffee at Eleven with me, LIVE, every day Monday to Friday.

I was asking a lot, really. I was inviting them to become vulnerable with me in front of a LIVE, virtual audience – not an easy thing to do. They stepped up in spades. I thank each and every one of them.

The week ran as follows: (links to full interviews provided below)

  • Monday: Nicola Connolly Byrne, Empowerment Specialist, Founder ‘I AM Positive Mindset’
  • Tuesday: Dave Sheahan, High Performance Coach, Founder ‘DS Gyms’
  • Wednesday: Noelle Crehan, Integrative Health Specialist, Founder ‘Nourish with Noelle’
  • Thursday: Ian Hannon, Training Consultant, Founder ‘Activate Training and Consultancy’
  • Friday: Barbara Moynihan, Founder ‘On Your Feet’

To say I have been blown away by the response, both in terms of people willingly opening up, and by the incisive questions from the fabulous growing live daily audience of ‘ear-wiggers’ is an understatement.

I am not going to offer a transcript of what was said, for to do so, would negate the beautiful nuances implicit in their voices and faces as they shared openly their fears and hopes in these very strange times. Instead, I am providing you with a link to their interviews in video and podcast format for you to dip in and out of as you feel the need, beginning with a short ‘Tips Reel’ (For many, the old excuse of I don’t have time doesn’t cut it any more, just sayin’)

In an attempt to capture the mood of these interviews I have prepared a short “No. 1 Tips Reel” to give you a flavor of how real people are attempting to Covid-proof themselves and their businesses.

Please, may I invite you to stick on the kettle, grab a coffee (and a notebook), pull up a comfy chair and think with me and my guests for ten minutes in your preferred way… watch the video or listen to the podcast  

That way, you can pick out your favorites and dip in to the full interviews during the week.

The interview format is simple: a virtual cup of coffee in a Zoom video meeting with a LIVE audience (muted mics) ear-wigging, as though sitting at a table close to us in a cafe (closer than 2m) as I ask 5 questions:

  1. Who is N? background, family etc
  2. Tell me about your business before the shutdown?
  3. Talk about what it is like today
  4. Why, and how are you remaining hopeful for the future?
  5. What one tip can you offer to others to help them cope? (See Tips Reel)

After that, we go to Q&A from the floor.

Full interviews:

In the coming week, joining me for Coffee at Eleven, we have:

  • Monday: Anthony Cronin, Fintech entrepreneur, Creator, Founder and CEO Flexiwage
  • Tuesday: Fiona Doyle, Model, Style Consultant and Primary School Teacher
  • Wednesday: Eoin Sheehan, TV Chef, Dark Kitchen Entrepreneur
  • Thursday: Valerie O’Connor, Food Blogger and Author
  • Friday: Patrycja Machowska, Beauty Consultant and Soul Therapist

You can access any or all of the interviews LIVE by clicking this link at 11am (GMT) daily Monday to Friday 

Or come back next Sunday for the highlights.

Stay safe out there.

Yours Truly



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