Colin Farrell said “The Day Has Yet To Reveal Itself” (or 3 Life Hacks Colin uses) – This week’s “Coffee with Colm” episode

When Miriam O’Callaghan asked him about his life and career on the Pendulum Summit stage in January, Colin Farrell shared 3 life hacks he uses. Or at least that’s what I took from the conversation.

Despite the fact that Colin can enjoy a Hollywood lifestyle, he has his roots firmly in his home town of Dublin and, like the rest of us mere mortals has his fair share of challenges – we are all aware that he has a child with special needs, so none of us is immune to the vagaries of the ‘Ovarian Lottery’ – Warren Buffett’s term for the miracle of birth.

To find out what Colin Farrell’s 3 Life Hacks are, watch the 4-minute video, listen to the 4-minute podcast, or read on below…

Colin Farrell’s Life Hack #1. “We need to be more grateful”

There is a tendency for most of us to focus on the one or two areas of our lives that are under performing, out of whack, or simply not as good as we would like them to be. However, we are alive. Someone, somewhere didn’t wake up today, someone somewhere won’t wake tomorrow. Let’s be a little more grateful today than yesterday? And a little more grateful again tomorrow? What three things are you most grateful for now?

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Life Hack #2. “The Day Has Yet To Reveal Itself”

I loved this. Miriam was asking him where he has come from, where he is now and what next? Colin was honest in saying it has been a blast to date, wasn’t always so, has it’s ups and downs and he has no idea what’s coming down the track – “The Day Has Yet To Reveal Itself” but expects whatever it is, it will be good.

Whatever you are going through right now will end, as some friends of mine who are having a particularly tough time, said to me during the week – “This, too, will pass.” A new day will dawn, the last chapter has yet to be written, it is not too late.

The one thing I suggest is make sure you are clear on what your ‘day’ looks like, don’t leave that part to chance. If you don’t know where you are headed, life will make sure you end up somewhere else. You are the author of the book of your life, you are writing the next chapter. Write the plot you want to write. Bring into it the people you want to spend time with, consider writing a few others out of the remaining chapters if they are not adding to your journey.

Colin’s Life Hack #3. “Be kind to yourself.”

We are often or own worst critics. We would oftentimes never treat others as badly as we do ourselves. Why is it, we let others off so relatively lightly, yet beat up on ourselves for not being the epitome of perfection?

Life is for living. We are human beings, not human doings.

Be grateful for what you have, know what you want and take steps towards it, and if you miss a step here and there, so what? Give yourself a break.

Didn’t exercise today? Seriously? Is that a big problem? No it’s not! Forgive yourself. Be kind to yourself and start again tomorrow.

I am a huge fan of Stephen Covey’s maxim, “The Week Is A Perfect Patch In The Fabric Of Life.” If something doesn’t happen for me on any given day, I rarely beat myself up, I simply recommit to it at a later point in the week – for me making progress in whatever area week on week is the important thing, which is why this “Coffee with Colm” series goes out weekly – I have zero interest in putting myself under pressure to ‘perform’ day in and day out. Does that sound selfish? If so, it’s not intended. For me it’s self-aware and self-care, and self-care isn’t self-ish.

Quick recap – Colin Farrell’s 3 Life Hacks:

  1. “Be more grateful”
  2. “The Day Has Yet To Reveal Itself”
  3. “Be kind to yourself”

Remember, YOUR Day Has Yet To Reveal Itself.


Thanks for thinking with me.

Yours truly.


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