Better People Make Better All Blacks and Better People Build Better Businesses – This week’s #CoffeewithColm Episode 194

I am not a die hard rugby fan – let me say that from the outset – however, living as I do in Munster, I have oftentimes gotten happily caught up in the magic of Thomond Park, and despite hailing from Dublin, whenever I’m there, I wear red in full support.

And whilst I’m not a dyed-in-the-wool fan of any sport, I admire and appreciate excellence in any field.

Whether you follow Rugby or not, I am full sure you have heard of the All Blacks from New Zealand, arguably the best sporting team in history across any sport with a 75% win rate over 100 years and an unbelievable 85% win rate in recent history!

Graham Henry was appointed Head Coach in 2003 following a World Cup loss in that year. Between then and his departure in early 2012, the team recorded a staggering 88 wins in 103 test matches! an 85.3% success rate…


They consistently attract better people.

Henry said “Better People Make Better All Blacks” and recruited, fielded his teams and retained his players based on three attributes.

To find out what the three attributes are, watch the video (7 mins), listen to the podcast (7 mins) or read on below…

The three attributes:

  1. Character
  2. Character
  3. Character

Notice a pattern here?

Better People Make Better All Blacks … and Better People Build Better Businesses.

My friend, your business can never outgrow you – I’ve been banging this drum for some time now but it is so true and as such needs to be repeated over and over. I need to hear this as much as you might, and perhaps more…

My business can never outgrow me either – for my business to grow, I must grow.

If there is a blockage, I am the cork in the bottle, no-one else. And you are too. Ouch!

For a business to be successful and sustainable it needs three things:

  1. A good brand (a brand is a promise)
  2. Great systems
  3. Wonderful people

Do the All Blacks have all three? Hello! er,… Yeah!

Does your business? Does mine?

Where does it start? Graham Henry, you, me.

Character, character, character… for your business to grow, you must grow. For your business to attract better people, including better clients, you first must grow.

How? Education.

  • Read books.

Not every reader is a leader, but every leader is a reader. My personal ten-a-day program might be a place to start; ten minutes or ten pages per day in a book to stretch that most magnificent of resources, your brain.

  • Learn from others

Get around like-minded people who are striving forward, are further ahead than you and learn from them. I had the great privilege recently of getting around some Better People Building Better Businesses and it was just the shot in the arm I needed. Indeed this very article was inspired as a result.

  • Think better thoughts

Cut out The News. Yes, beware The News! It’s 100% negative – and in most cases you can do nothing about what’s being reported on and sensationalized. The News serves to skew your beliefs (Do you think The News in Baghdad shows the world in the same way The News in Washington or Beijing does?) and see where skewing your belied leads…

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

― Gandhi

My friend, your thoughts ultimately become your destiny.

Better People Make Better All Blacks and Better People Build Better Businesses so if you want to build better business, you know where it starts…

Over to you.

By the way, if you want to kickstart your journey and learn from and meet some great people on similar journeys, check out The Lonelypreneur Summit, taking place in Galway next Friday, November 22nd


Thanks for thinking with me and Pius (and Arthur!)

Yours truly.


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