Colm O’Brien is one of Ireland’s leading business people. He has known and continues to know great business success. He has worked with some of Ireland’s leading business people and his work continues to make a difference in thousands of people’s lives.

But, Colm O’Brien has also known the great trails that come with a failed business. At the height of his first career, Colm was one of the key decision makers in the renowned Bewley’s brand. He was general manager of Bewley’s flagship café in Grafton Street, Dublin, where he was instrumental in founding Bewley’s Café Theatre and he was the instigator and creator of the well-known Bewley’s Hotel at Newlands Cross in Co. Dublin. In 1998, Colm and his wife made a brave decision and took a Bewley’s franchise in Limerick city. 8 years later the business failed with the loss of 35 jobs and a crippling personal business related debt of €250,000.

A chance meeting with a stranger on the Limerick to Dublin train in 2003, a successful tender to supply 27 lunches to one school every day and an ability to work hard and succeed led to Colm’s current very successful business, Carambola. Following years of hard work and vision, Colm’s business today supports 180 jobs and directly employs 100 people. Based in Annacotty in Co. Limerick, Carambola supplies over 22,000 individual lunches every single morning to schools all over the country, each lunch individually selected by the student and designed to suit their individual dietary requirements.

In 2015 Colm penned his first book: Feeding Johnny – How to Build a Business Despite the Roadblocks (more about Feeding Johnny here) which received national and local media attention. The book has received such a tremendous reception by readers wanting to work with Colm and help them grown their business that Colm has developed a unique programme and business to support the demand – Colm O’Brien Motivation.

The new business was launched on Saturday March 5th at The Savoy Hotel, Limerick at Colm’s inaugural seminar ‘The Life You Really Want’.

Colm O’Brien Motivation offers unique programmes to both business people and those who are inspired to change their everyday path to one of action and prosperity. Learn more about how you can empower change in your life through The Twelve Steps to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted Send enquiry here

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“Create The Life You Really Want” was Colm’s inaugural seminar aimed at people who are passionate about empowering change and building the life they really want to live.



Colm O’Brien’s story of success could be your story. His first business failed spectacularly and yet today the business he founded from the ashes of that failure delivers over 22,500 school lunches to children all over Ireland every single morning. Follow his story.



“12 Steps to Create the Life You Really Want.” Create the personal and professional life you want to live by learning the key strategies Colm used in regaining control of his own and empowering yourself to make the changes you know are possible.



  • I read Colm’s book and it spoke to me unexpectedly. I knew my life was out of sync, but I didn’t know why. I was working very hard but all I seemed to be doing after years of effort was treading water. So I met Colm for a coffee. Now I have a plan. I know what the Life I Really Want Looks like. I have been honest with myself as to where my life and my business were when I started the process. I am happy, energised and on track.


  • My life was too busy. I had no time for me. Colm O’Brien had me stop and think and ask myself how I wanted my life to look. I did. I am now happier and more focused. I really believe I am on track to create the life I really want.


  • I was struggling with my decision to remain a second generation part of a family business that was bumping along the bottom for decades. I met Colm O’Brien and began to get clearer on the Life I really wanted for me and my wife and so gained the courage to make a change.
    It wasn’t easy. It hasn’t been comfortable, but it was the right decision.
    I am happier and more enthusiastic about my life
    than I have been for years


  • I finished Colm O’Brien’s book ‘Feeding Johnny’ in 7 days! That might not sound like an achievement to most of you but coming from the girl who is still reading the same fiction novel I started five months ago – that is an achievement. I just loved it. It’s a great read. Honest. Insightful. Inspiring. I got a great kick out of it and it ignited in me an enthusiasm for business that I wasn’t sure still existed. Then I met Colm for coffee and I really began to get clear on where my life is, and more importantly where it can be. I have regained the clarity I had misplaced, am back on track and I am grateful