100 Year Work – What’s Your Legacy? (Or a chat about the Universal ‘bumps’ that nudge us towards our real destiny) Sunday’s “Coffee with Colm”

One of my great privileges as MD of Carambola – Five-Star School Food is the opportunity I get to talk to kids. I love it. It’s such a refreshing break from the norm and as such I get energized from it, significantly more than the energy I expend doing it.

I spoke with hundreds of kids this week, mainly 5th and 6th class but also a few dozen from second level and as part of it, I necessarily got to interact with School teachers, Principals, Caretakers, Secretaries and indeed our own Customer Care Managers.

I spoke to the adult cohort about us all doing 100-year work; allow me explain…

We don’t know what we don’t know – none of us – and we will never have a different view of the world other than the view presented to us by virtue of our birth circumstances and our environment to date. For us to gain a different perspective, somebody or something needs to present it as an option.

These kids were born somewhere to someone, in some set of circumstances. They found themselves in some school with some class teacher, some principal, some secretary, some caretaker, some lollipop lady and some kids who possibly become their friends. They derive their view of the world from those influences.

Along comes Carambola and the MD (yours truly) comes and gives a talk on Leadership and Responsibility and all of a sudden some of the kids’ horizons have been broadened. Or Carambola Foundation works with the school to plant a beautiful garden or furnish and stock a library and again, all of sudden a child, somewhere, is introduced to some experience they could not have had but for that unique congruence at a moment in time of all of those influences – that school, that teacher, that caretaker, principal, secretary, lollipop lady, kids in class, kids in school, that talk, that book from the shelf, that rose growing in the garden.

It is my belief that some kid’s journey somewhere will collide with those other elements to form a ‘bump’ point that will nudge their life in a minutely different direction than was otherwise predestined and that that tiny adjustment in direction, almost imperceptible at first, becomes a large divide 25 years down the track!

Hopefully positive.

That kid’s children then begin their lives from that point, figuratively miles away from, where they would otherwise might have done.

Their children, the grandchildren of the original kids, start a life bearing no resemblance to the original and so on it goes – 100 year work for sure.

And so it is with all of us – not just in school.

Watch the Video, listen to the Podcast (both 8 mins teaching) or Read on below for the rest of the story…

Prefer Podcast? Click here.

All of us are interacting with the world every moment of every day and in each moment we have the opportunity to teach and to learn; we have then opportunity to be a ‘bump’ point in some other souls journey, and they in ours.

And that is really what I want to present today – the 100 Year Work Concept.

Everything we do in every moment of our lives creates a ripple in the Universe – some ripples will spread out and fade away, some will gather momentum as they meld with others’s ripples forming waves, perhaps even tidal waves over time.

I think that is very exciting.

It’s also a bit scary.

If the work we do has 100 year impact, hadn’t it better be good work? The Universal Ripple Effect doesn’t discriminate…

Send out the positive uplifting ripples by virtue of who you are and what you do and the outcome in the 22nd Century can be wonderful, send out negative damaging ripples today and… well…

That’s what I’d like to leave you with today. What is your legacy? What 100 Year Work are you going to do this week? You’re going to work anyway; it may last 100 years unbeknownst to you – if you were to arrive back to earth with your angel wings in 2118, what would you like to see as a result?

Worth thinking about?

I think so.

Oh, by the way, one of the most obvious (though certainly not the only) ‘bump’ points in my life was meeting The Man on The Train. In the simplest of terms, you would not be reading this had that Universal ‘bump’ not happened – there’s a story worth reading… (link below)

Bye for now.


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